Northern Lights, A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

With the Michigan cannabis industry currently raging against the “little guys”, it’s wonderful tosee those who were once caregiver growers evolve into a licensed brand amongst the biggercannabis companies that dominate the sector. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet withMike, the founder and longtime operator of Northern Lights Chocolate, to learn more about hiscompany, […]

Reconnecting to the Empathy in Cannabis

For centuries, cannabis has been used holistically to treat emotional, physical, and spiritualailments. It’s been at the forefront of ceremonies, rituals, gatherings, and smoke “seshes” as away to bring people together. There’s a beautiful kind of healing that occurs with cannabiswhen we’re able to share stories, feelings, and laughter. The disconnection we’ve experiencedfrom our community […]