The Best Rosin in Michigan: Our Top 7 Detroit Rosins to Try!

As the weed world evolves, so do the products that come from the extraction process. Recently, consumers have made a shift towards one product category specifically—that being, clean, solvent-free concentrates. Rosin and live rosin are quickly growing in popularity as the Michigan cannabis community realizes – it’s the freshest, cleanest type of extract from the […]

Where to Find Humblebee Live Resin & 5 Strains to Try First!

humblebee live resin

You could say that the streets are buzzing with positive things to say about the Humbleebee live resin’s buzz. Humblebee concentrates are quickly becoming some of the most popular dabbable products here in Metro Detroit, and for good reason. The brand carefully extracts each batch for the highest-quality end product. In addition, Humblee offers a […]

Mitten Extracts Near Me: The Top 6 Infused Pre-Roll Strains to Try

mitten extracts near me

At BREEZE, we love our homegrown, Michigan based companies, and Mitten Extracts is, of course, one of our favorites.  Recently, the brand began expanding their product collection from vape carts to Mitten Extracts disposables, Mitten Extracts gummies, and now, infused pre-rolls, and infused pre-roll mini 5 packs!  Mini or regular sized, the pre-rolls are infused […]

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