Afternoon Delite

Afternoon Delite set out to deliver one thing: the best cannabis edibles in Michigan, using high quality and great tasting ingredients. Founded in the suburbs of Detroit and inspired by the California ocean vibe, Afternoon Delite (AD) brings an elevated cannabis experience home to Michigan.

Whether you are new or experienced, whether at home or out with friends, the company wants you to trust that, with Afternoon Delite, a great time is right around the corner. 

AD’s founder, a cannabis connoisseur, dreamt of creating a high-quality product that would be approachable to all cannabis consumers. “Cannabis gummies should taste great and not have a nasty weed aftertaste,” he says. In order to formulate the gummies that Afternoon Delite currently offers on the market in Michigan today, it took him 200 iterations until he was satisfied with the taste, sugar coating, and texture. 

That attention to detail and almost obsessive dedication to quality is what he believes has allowed them to create the best cannabis edibles in Michigan. “Our gummies are hand-crafted. We do not spray or melt down store bought gummies and whip in oil like some other brands do,” the founder shares. “We use raw ingredients in our recipe, and the gummies go through a 4-day sugaring and drying/curing process.” The brand prides itself on bringing Michigan cannabis consumers consistent, lab-tested, delicious cannabis edibles each and every time.

Although Afternoon Delite has been around in Michigan since 2018, the company has a small team and underdog roots. In those short two years AD has already won many awards with its products. At the September 2018 Midwest High Times Cannabis Cup AD’s PB Cup Cheesecake won 1st Place for best edible and the company’s Lemon Berry and Lemon THC cartridges won 4th and 5th Place. AD’s PB Cup Cheesecake and Lemon Berry THC cartridge took home 2nd Place in the August 2019 Midwest High Times Cannabis Cup. And in the September 2019 High Times Cannabis Cup Detroit AD’s Cookies and Cream Cheesecake took 2nd and the company’s Watermelon THC cartridge took home 3rd Place.

That said, it hasn’t been all rainbows and puppy dogs. Afternoon Delite has had to overcome its fair share of hurdles including changes in legislation, the high cost of licensing, and then COVID-19 setbacks. Afternoon Delite continues to persevere, grounded in its commitment to quality and aiming to bring the best cannabis edibles to local – and someday, distant – communities. “The contrast of where we started, where we are, and where we hope to go continually fuels our motivation and success,” the founder shares.

So whether you are using Afternoon Delite on your vacation, or Afternoon Delite is your vacation, we hope you can feel the love and craftsmanship put into every product.

Embrace the Wave

REPUTABLE – Afternoon Delite’s reputation is more than being known for quality products, it’s a promise to deliver amazing experiences in a straight forward manner.

UNCOMPROMISING – Afternoon Delite refuses to sacrifice their values on cannabis or the world at large for any terms. They did not set out to follow the easy path, and they perform the right action whether or not anyone else is watching.

RESILIENT – Afternoon Delite does not fold or throw in the towel when faced with adversity, they look for the opportunity to learn and incorporate these lessons to become a stronger and more successful team.

QUALITY – Afternoon Delite aims to provide the highest quality standards on the market and have been going above and beyond for testing and product compliance, even before it was legally required.

PLAYFUL – Afternoon Delite works hard so that their consumers, can play even harder. They always want to remember they are doing what they love, and what they love is to have a great time and make sure others do too.

The trick with edibles is to start small. You can always add to, but can’t take away! We recommend 5-10mgs for a beginners dose. Edibles also take much longer to kick in so we suggest waiting 60-90 minutes before deciding to ingest more. Everyone is different so we also suggest being in a safe and comfortable environment when trying edibles for the first time. 

Make Your Life Delightful

Make Your Life Delightful By: Emily K. Looking to add a little pep to your step, but your whole family is in quarantine together, and you’d rather them not know? Consider micro-dosing an edible! Edibles are a great way to medicate because of their discretion; perfect...

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