Artemis Brand’s topicals and curatives are inspired by the traditions of old. Native to Michigan, made in small batches with care.

Artemis aims to help you on your hunt for exceptional cannabis products using superior, super clean, high THC cannabis and CBD extracts. Paired with plant-based medicinal botanicals.

Artemis Brands is Majority Female owned. They focus on terpenes, minor-cannabinoids, micro-dosing & entourage effects.

Artemis CBD – Connect with the Divine Feminine

Sundara THC Infused Lubricant:

Sundara THC Infused Lubricant: An  intensifying personal lubricant! Set the “mood”, boost arousal, increase moisture. Designed to  enhance intimacy, stimulate, heal, and deepen pleasure! Sundara THC is our Cannabis-infused  lubricant. THC has proven medical benefits when applied topically, which impacts sexual  response and enjoyment including increased blood flow, sensitivity to touch, as well as pain  relief. THC acts as a vasodilator which means it brings blood to the surface of where it’s used.  Applied to the clitoris, for example, it encourages more blood flow to the area which enhances  arousal, lubrication, and sensation! In addition, In addition, many patients are using it to ease  and prevent discomfort if irritation is present during sexual activity. Many women with  endometriosis and/or fibroids have been finding relief with this product as well. Sundara is a  luxurious lubricant & multi-purpose topical that is safe & healing. Deliciously and lightly scented  using all-natural oils. Made with all-natural and organic ingredients. 

Suggested use: Apply one or two dropper fulls to the clitoris & vulva or other intimate areas.  Works best in 10-15 minutes (enjoy foreplay while you wait for the magic!). Centuries of wise women have used Cannabis to soothe & heal.

Moon Tonic Cramp Ease:

Cannabis and the female reproductive system are a formidable pair. Women have a high  density of cannabinoid receptors in their pelvic organs which makes cannabis uniquely suited  for treating conditions affecting women’s health. Those with conditions such as PMS, period  cramps, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, and other pelvic conditions can gain relief using  cannabis. Moon Tonic delivers effective & powerful relief in a soothing infused formula to help  manage symptoms and quiet cramps. Carefully chosen, organic and all-natural food-grade only 

ingredients infused into full spectrum CBD oil & paired with premium cannabis oil. Centuries of  Wise Women have used cannabis to unlock deep healing! Create a ritual of self-care when you  need it most. Honor your body and treat yourself tenderly during your moon time with Moon  Tonic. 

Suggested Use: 

Applied topically anywhere that aches, Moon Tonic relaxes, soothes, and eases! For deep relief,  Moon Tonic can be added right onto your tampon or menstrual cup (apply 1ML to tip of the  tampon until absorbed, or add to the rim of your menstrual cup before use). Moon Tonic can  also be made into vaginal suppositories: Use mini (pediatric) suppository molds: fill w/1ML moon  tonic, add a pinch of melted unrefined coconut oil then freeze. Find relief for 4 hours. Effective  within 10-15minutes. Hold space for you and your sacred cycle. Made with organic ingredients. 

Dori Balm – Terpene Rich Pain Relieving Topicals Made with RSO

Dori Balm Recovery Rub:

Dori Balm Recovery Rub is a deeply concentrated,  terpene rich, reliable and effective topical that’s been loved and sought after for 20+ years! We blend  RSO (full spectrum, concentrated cannabis oil) with aromatic and medicinal herbs into a skin-loving  salve. Dori Balm Recovery Rub contains only .3%THC, making it great for travel and legal to ship! A  treat for the senses, Dori Balm is a deeply emollient and effective treatment for anywhere that is  achy or irritated. Dori Balm topical provides soothing relief for a variety of complaints. 

Dori Balm CBD Balance:

Dori Balm Balance Rub is the original Dori Balm Recovery Rub with  300mg of added CBD. Dori Balm is a deeply concentrated, terpene rich, reliable and effective topical  that’s been loved and sought after for 20+ years! We blend RSO & CBD oil with aromatic and  medicinal herbs into a skin-loving salve. A treat for the senses, Dori Balm is a deeply emollient and  effective treatment for anywhere that is achy or irritated. Dori Balm topical provides soothing relief  for a variety of complaints.

Blue Sage CBD – Premium, Full Spectrum, Multi-Cannabinoid Tinctures

Blue Sage CBD Tinctures:

Whole Plant Goodness! Blue Sage CBD Products are premium  multi-cannabinoid CBD products. Blue Sage uses potent, fully activated, full-spectrum CBD  extract that is extracted using a unique solvent-less Vapor Distillation & Flash extraction process  to produce higher potency extracts and preserve beneficial compounds such as fats, lipids,  terpenes & other minor cannabinoids. In a single combined step, the extraction, fully-activates  and refines it into a potent, terpene-rich, premium full-spectrum extract with a naturally sweet,  toasted nutty flavor.