By: Emily K. 

The Breeze team had the pleasure of touring Aunt Sparkie’s farm this week. We visited the day before harvest to get a full understanding of the lifecycle of an Aunt Sparkie’s plant. Going in, we were familiar with the brand, loved the organic flower, and knew they were a company worth learning about; after leaving, we realized we only knew half the story of this amazing group.

 We toured with Anne, AKA Aunt Sparkie, and Jason, their Master Grower. The two were a joy to learn from and it was clear their hearts were in this industry for the right reasons. They’ve been growing at a small level over the years and took a leap of faith with the recent change from medical to recreational cannabis. As we toured their Mom/Veg/Clone Room and  Flower Room, they explained some of the mechanisms used to ensure their plants get the proper love and attention–which is clearly the case, because the plants were beautiful.

 Knowing they were an organic farm, we expected them to be eco/health conscious, but had no idea the steps they were taking to reduce their carbon footprint. They aim to use as many sources from nature as possible; their lights, humidity, and other air conditions are derived from nature and use electricity to supplement. Before entering the greenhouse, we entered the control room. The room has vents in the ceiling that are opened and closed to allow natural air to circulate through the Flower Room. The air then gets purified through a series of filters and sponges to add or take away moisture. Additionally, the greenhouse roof is clear to allow sunlight through and automatically adjusts the LED lighting depending on the strength of the sunlight. Probably the most impressive natural feature they utilize is the “living soil”. The soil used for the plants is circulated back to compost after they harvest. The roots, stalks, leaves, and other byproducts are added back to the soil where two different kinds of worms work to help decomposition. The soil is reused to ensure all of the plant nutrients are being recycled to enrich the soil for future plants.

 Aside from using the elements, they’re also conscious of the materials they use in their process. The team relies on reusable fabric for their pots in order to reduce their amount of waste and move away from plastic products. With their new pre-rolls hitting the market, they wanted us to know that the plastic doob tubes are made from plastic recycled from the ocean, another testament of their commitment to the environment.

 All in all, this tour showed the potential industry leaders have to make a difference. We have a responsibility for each other and the environment, and that was clearly the mindset at Aunt Sparkie’s. Judging by the quality of their products, when growers are passionate about cannabis and lead with compassion for others, magic happens.

Emily K. 
Head of Care Center

At 27 Emily is already a cannabis industry veteran. This hardcore cannabis enthusiast and aficionado is looking to break the negative stigma attached to the industry & show that it is full of compassionate people that are working hard to improve others’ quality of life. Emily is also known as the “Queen of Blunts” by her friends and loves pet weasels.