we build the soil, the soil builds the plants

Renewable by nature – Restorative by design

I’m Anne—a.k.a. Aunt Sparkie. When my mom Ruth was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, we turned to cannabis as a remedy for the pain and anxiety of this devastating disease. Her battle was only the beginning. Now we’re on a mission to bring high-quality cannabis to our home state of Michigan. Each plant locally grown in living soil. Select strains carefully cultivated. Every batch packaged by hand. Because we care about our product like we care about our family.


Aunt Sparkie

Aunt Sparkie’s; a Step Toward a Greener Industry

The Breeze team had the pleasure of touring Aunt Sparkie’s farm this week. We visited the day before harvest to get a full understanding of the lifecycle of an Aunt Sparkie’s plant. Going in, we were familiar with the brand, loved the organic flower, and knew they were a company worth learning about; after leaving, we realized we only knew half the story of this amazing group. READ MORE

Full of micro and macro organisms, with no pesticides or synthetic nutrients, every strain is organically grown in living soil.

The living soil contains more beneficial organisms in 1 tablespoon than the earth’s population, and is naturally replenished by their own composted cannabis leaves.

Aunt Sparkie’s grow house harnesses the power of natural sunlight to produce an environment that simply can’t be replicated with artificial sources. 

Certified Kind

Certified Kind agriculture is an earth-friendly way of farming rooted firmly in the idea that the way we farm is just as important as the yield. Certified Kind growers produce crops in harmony with natural systems using methods that are Kind to Life, Kind to Earth. Certified Kind draws inspiration from the creative force of natural ecosystems and the power of plants to shape and transform human culture.

The principals of health, ecology, fairness, and care, so eloquently defined by the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM), helped guide the development of the Certified Kind rules. The Certified Kind rules have been modeled after the IFOAM Norms for Organic Production and Processing, the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards, and the organic standards of the European Union, Canada, and Mexico. Each of these standards has historical roots in regional grassroots movements initiated by farmers deeply committed to growing a healthy planet.