Baby Jeeter Pre Rolls Near Me – How to Find Baby Jeeter & The Top 5 to Try!

baby jeeter pre-rolls

The Jeeter brand is synonymous with west-coast weed and is now making its mark across the US – midwest included. The cheeky and trendy cannabis producer has gained quite a celeb-worthy fan base with the likes of Dwayne Wade, Issa Rae, Ludacris, and The Game as partners. 

What’s good for Luda is proving good for everyday consumers considering the brand takes the pre-roll game seriously.  “With prerolls, to do it right, for them to burn evenly, it’s a whole art.” Jeeter’s co-founder and co-CEO, Lukasz Tracz, told Forbes recently. 

For that reason, and more, there are over 2 million Jeeter pre-rolls smoked per month in California, a number that’s growing coast-to-coast. On the hunt for ‘Baby Jeeter pre-rolls near me’ yourself? Then we’ve got the ultimate guide for you! 

Keep reading to discover how to find Baby Jeeter pre-rolls near you in Metro Detroit and the top five varieties to try. 

Who is Jeeter? 

If you’re not familiar with Jeeter already, it’s likely you may recognize the brand’s iconic aesthetic anyway. Jeeter has made quite a name for itself for its pop-culture collabs and animated graphics that are carried through its collection of cannabis products. Including NBA finals, Mario Kart, and Space Jam edition pre-rolls. 

This should come as no surprise, considering the brand was founded by Sebastian Solano, who was recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30 list for his work in music, and Tracz, who was once called a ‘marketing genius’ by the Huffington Post. The founders chose the term ‘Jeeter’ that was originally coined in South Florida as slang for a ‘joint’ – and it’s been history ever since. 

Jeeter first landed on the scene with their standard pre-rolls, and has now launched into producing – 

  • Mini Baby Jeeter pre-rolls 
  • Jeeter XL pre-rolls
  • Jeeter infused pre-rolls (available in XL and mini) 

Baby Jeeter infused joints combine top-shelf weed with premium cannabis oil, infused liquid diamonds, and an outer layer of kief for an even more elevated experience. In comparison to regular flower or pre-rolls that tend to contain 15-30% THC, infused varieties pack a punch with potency, containing anywhere from 25-50% THC.

The Top Six Baby Jeeter Pre-rolls Near Me

Want your own taste of LA weed and the Hollywood high life? Luckily for you, finding Baby Jeeter pre-rolls near me is easier than ever. The brand recently launched outside of its home in the Golden State and is now available in Arizona and Michigan, too. 

Baby Jeeter Infused Pre-Rolls – Churros

The Churros Baby Jeeter Infused Pre-Rolls are perfect for your post-dinner smoke sesh after visiting one of the many famed Metro Detroit taco trucks or taquerias. As a desert, you can enjoy the infamous indica strain and its soothing effects that are well-suited for evening or nighttime use. Churros pre rolls are chock-full of flavor, as you can expect, with earthy and skunky undertones and hints of berry and citrus. 

Baby Jeeter Infused Pre-Rolls – Apple Fritter

Nothing says fall in Michigan like anything and everything apple. To accompany your trip to the cider mill or apple orchard, take along this pack of Baby Jeeter Infused pre-rolls featuring the strain Apple Fritter. The nearly equal sativa to indica hybrid strain offers flavors that are reminiscent of fresh, baked apple pies and pastries, plus high levels of THC, reaching nearly 30%. 

Baby Jeeter Infused Pre-Rolls – Tropicana Cookies 

If you’re seeking Baby Jeeter pre roll infused joints that’ll put a pep in your step, Tropicana Cookies are for you. The sativa dominant hybrid contains heightened levels of THC at 32%+ along with a fresh, fruity taste that delivers major beach vacay vibes – no matter the weather here in Metro Detroit. The strain is beloved by recreational and medical consumers alike, for its long-lasting effects that are equally uplifting and relaxing. 

Baby Jeeter Infused Pre-Rolls – Thin Mint Cookies

If you go crazy at Girl Scout Cookie time like we do – try Baby Jeeter Infused Pre-Rolls in Thin Mint Cookies to hold you over until their return. Thin Mint is a notorious cross of two OG strains – Durban Poison and OG Kush. The end-result is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s highly potent and has sweet and minty aromas that’ll invigorate the senses. As for effects, Thin Mint Cookies is comforting for the body and mind, and be prepared for the munchies with its appetite stimulating capabilities.

Baby Jeeter Infused Pre-Rolls – Shirley Temple  

Joining the latest California-sober trend? Then pull up to the pre-roll bar for a satisfying taste of Baby Jeeter’s Infused Pre-Rolls Shirley Temple. This rare strain is an exclusive variety from Jeeter and was recently launched to celebrate Pride Month 2022. Portions of each sale get donated to a local LGBTQ charity in the state in which they’re sold, which is Ferndale Pride here in Michigan. Even better, the indica dominant hybrid will help boost your creativity with extraordinarily euphoric effects. 

Life’s a Breeze with Baby Jeeter Pre-Rolls

Packs of Baby Jeeter Pre-Rolls are the perfect go-to’s to make life a breeze. They’re convenient, packed with flavor and potency, and come in bright and lively jars that you just might be tempted to keep on display. Not to mention, Baby Jeeter pre rolls prices are budget-friendly delivering high potency experiences in 5-packs for $50 or less. 

To enhance your puff, puff, pass seshes, look no further than Breeze. Where you can find Baby Jeeter pre-rolls near you in Metro Detroit and other top trending brands. Order online, visit our retail storefront in Hazel Park or become a Club Breeze member to maximize your routines with access to loyalty rewards, exclusive promotions, and cashback opportunities. 

Now, ask yourself – which baby Jeeter pre-rolls will you choose? Select your favorite from our list of the top five Baby Jeeter Pre Rolls, or shop other varieties available at Breeze now! 

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