The Top 5 Backpack Boyz Strains Near You in Metro Detroit

While there are fewer plugs and boys with bud filled backpacks on the streets with legal weed, you can still secure the bag from Backpack Boyz at Breeze. A brand that takes advantage of this nostalgia with flashy vibes and packages that feature champagne bottles, dollar bills, and cool cars—like you’d expect to see from your favorite old-school connect. 

Inside the eye-catching packaging is loud cannabis with roots in the California Bay Area and some of the most exotic strains you can find. So, what else sets Backpack Boyz strains apart from other brands on the shelves today? 

Learn more about the West-coast cultivators who are taking on Metro Detroit with fire flower. Keep reading for our ultimate guide to the Backpack Boys, find out where to find Backpack Boyz near me, and see our list of favorite strains to try first. 

The Backpack Boyz Story 

For such an eclectic collection of strains, the Backpack Boyz are quite elusive. In fact, you’ve got to search for just the right terms to find out anything about the brand. But don’t worry—we did the work for you! 

Juan Quesada is the man behind Backpack Boyz and a self-proclaimed stoner and martial artist. Alone, Quesada has over 40k followers on Instagram, where he shows off a swanky lifestyle and plugs his very own Backpack Boyz weed. 

Quesada started Backpack Boyz as a delivery service in 2017 and named the company after memories he had during his time as an MMA fighter. Specifically, a time where he could always count on his backpack to have what he “needed” as he went from gym to gym and place to place. 

It wasn’t until 2020 that the brand took off and was able to scale from California to Michigan. Today, the brand offers clothing and merch that shows off their Bay-area style and has celebrity-named strains and gear, like Scottie Pippen, to drum up even more hype. 

So, are you ready to get more acquainted with Backpack Boyz through their exotic cannabis pack? Then continue on for our top 5 strains to try here in Metro Detroit. 

Top 5 Backpack Boyz Strains to Try in Metro Detroit 

Breeze is stoked to be one of the premier Backpack Boyz locations, serving up the brand’s diverse collection of top-shelf strains. If you’re wondering which to go for first, here’s our team’s list of favorite strains and our very own Backpack Boyz reviews. 


Gotti is considered Backpack Boyz’s main crop, and they cultivate the cross between Gelato #41 and Billy Kimber OG to perfection. The strain has a strong citrus aroma and is widely regarded as some of the best flower produced by the brand. It has quick-acting and potent effects that will have you couch-locked and craving munchies in no time. 

Uncle Snoop

Named for Snoop D-O-double G himself, the Uncle Snoop Backpack Boyz strain is a must-try if you can get your hands on a bag. The rare strain is one of the brand’s most potent, reaching up to 35% THC for a strong and long-lasting buzz worthy of the weed godfather it’s named for. The strain is a cross of Sunset Sherbert and Wedding Cake, for indica-heavy effects and a sweet, creamy, fruity taste. 

Black Cherry Gelato 

Black Cherry Gelato is another well-known Backpack Boyz strain, and its effects and aroma are some of the best. It’s one of our favorite indica-dominant hybrids for its uplifting yet relaxing effects that will have you feeling completely blissful. Taste-wise, Black Cherry Gelato gives off major cherry slushie vibes with a sweet cherry and berry flavor that has a hint of citrus and undertones of earthiness. 


One of the most popular Backpack Boyz strains is Tomyz, which comes in red and blue varieties. The Red Tomyz has hints of acai and cherry, which give it a fruity flavor explosion. It is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid, so the effects are well-balanced and clear-headed. Blue Tomyz is also a sativa-dominant hybrid that comes from a cross between the two classics, Blue Dream and Northern Lights #5. Its vibrant purple buds are high in THC and provide a relaxing buzz that will spark your creativity. 

Scottie Pippen AKA #33 

Scottie Pippen, also known as #33 and a cross between Lemon Cherry Gelato and Biscotti, gets one of our highest scores just for how good it tastes. The strain is chock-full of unique flavors, ranging from creamy chocolate notes to classic tangy skunk to lemon and pine. As for effects, it boasts a moderate level of THC for a pleasurable head high that relieves everyday stresses. 

Where to Find Backpack Boyz Weed Near You 

Chances are, if you’re looking for the hottest cannabis brand to hit the shelves, Breeze has you covered. Our team works tirelessly to bring you the best of the best when it comes to artisanal small-batch flower, and nationwide names like the Backpack Boyz, too. 

Shop these Backpack Boyz strains at Breeze, online for delivery or pickup, or stop in one of our convenient Breeze locations near you. Don’t forget to sign up for Club Breeze to earn rewards with every purchase and to get all the latest product drops and exclusive promotions delivered directly to your inbox. 

Stay tuned for more brand guides and our strain and product guides to make shopping for cannabis a breeze in Metro Detroit. 


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