The Best Live Resin Carts in Metro Detroit: Our Top 4 Picks

In any industry… there’s a product that does the trick and a product that oozes luxury. Cannabis is no different, especially when it comes to vape carts. Today, live resin is trending as one of the most highly sought after, high-end, and high-quality cannabis products, especially for vape carts. But why? 

Learn more about what sets live resin apart and try it for yourself with some of our favorite picks for the best live resin in Metro Detroit. Keep reading for our ultimate guide to live resin carts, with all the live resin reviews you need to decide which is right for you! 

What is Live Resin? 

Recently, it’s likely you’ve seen a rise in live resin carts on cannabis retail shelves. As consumer sophistication matures, so do the products that brands are producing. So, what’s behind the drive of demand for live resin carts? Taste, purity, and potency. 

Live resin is unique in the fact that it’s extracted from fresh, frozen flower. By processing the flower material at the peak of its freshness, the plant will contain its highest levels of terpenes, which can degrade through the drying and curing processes. What does that mean for consumers? Not only do live resin carts have the freshest, most flavor-forward taste, but they also pack a punch of potency from what’s known as the entourage effect. 

The entourage effect is a proven phenomenon heavily researched in the 1990s that shows terpenes and cannabinoids can amplify one another’s effects. That is, when you consume terpenes and cannabinoids together, your high may be stronger or more profound. So even though you’ll see some distillates reach over 90% THC, their buzz may not be as impactful as a live resin cart with 70%+ THC and a plethora of tasty terpenes. 

The Best Live Resin Carts – Our Top 4 Picks  

Now, without further ado, experience the live resin vape cart difference for yourself. Here are our top 4 picks for the best live resin carts in Metro Detroit! 

Element Live Resin Cartridge – Lemon Cookies

Don’t worry, we’re not saving the best for last, with our absolute favorite live resin cart up first: Element’s Lemon Cookies. With Element’s advanced processing, customers can enjoy a truly live resin without any distillate, botanical terpenes, cutting agents, or other additives. That is, you will taste the Lemon Cookies strain just as the plant would have smelled and tasted on the day it was plucked! 

Savor each sour and sweet puff of this live resin cart that’s rich in citrus and creamy vanilla flavors. As for effects, this sativa leaning hybrid is the perfect choice for daytime use for a kick of energy and euphoric good vibes. 

Platinum Vape Live Resin Cartridge – Animal Mintz

Up next is another of our Breeze team’s favorite live resin cart choices – Platinum Limited’s Animal Mintz! Platinum Vape recently launched their live resin line as a way to offer “all the benefits of flower now without the hassle.” This Animal Mintz live resin cart is a well-balanced hybrid that offers a stress-relieving head high for those looking to clear their minds! 

As for flavor, each puff will have you guessing which taste you love best, with sweet, nutty undertones, rich coffee notes, and hints of refreshing mint. 

Monster X Live Resin Vape Cartridge – Jungle Fruit

We’re still beating our chests over how much we adore Monster X’s Jungle Fruit Live Resin Vape Cartridge. This vape cart contains a live resin blend, making it one of the more artificially flavored tastes on our list—but packed with flavor nonetheless! With sweet and sour fruity notes that have hints of invigorating pine and spice, Jungle Fruit is the perfect flavor to kick off the warmer seasons here in the Mitten state! 

Another well-balanced hybrid, we enjoyed this live resin cart from morning to night, and its blissful, soothing, and creative buzz. 

The Clear ENDO Live Resin Cartridge – Orange Cookies/Orange Cream

You may be familiar with The Clear brand from its other vape cart line, but meet Endo. Endo is the brand’s enhanced high-terpene live resin vape carts, which contain live resin, botanically derived terpenes, and distillate. Orange Cookies/Orange Cream is our favorite, especially in terms of flavor, as it delivers zesty citrus orange flavors with undertones of vanilla creaminess that are common in Cookies strains. 

The Orange Cookies strain offers sativa dominant effects that are bright and euphoric for an overall happy and uplifted mood. 

Find Top-Shelf Cannabis at Breeze 

No matter the trend or the freshest brand to drop, you can count on Breeze to have the hottest shelves in the cannabis market. Our team works hard to connect with growers, processors, and manufacturers from all over the state so that we can offer consumers a wide range of high-quality products. 

So, make your wellness routines a Breeze, and make our cannabis retail store your go-to source for all things Michigan weed. Shop Breeze online for pickup or delivery now, or find a location near you! 

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