Breeze: Best of the Best 2020

Well, it’s official;

Breeze. Is. The. Best.

Over here at Breeze, we’re very excited (and more than a little proud) to accept The Detroit Free Press Best of the Best Award for both Best Cannabis store and CBD store. We’ve been dedicated to bringing a quality cannabis experience to Michigan that is efficient, discrete and convenient. Excited to know that we’ve made such an impression on the community! Breeze is excited to continue serving the Metro Detroit area and ensuring that we can stay the best for our Breeze community.

Breeze opened our doors in March 2020, ready to serve and bring cannabis culture to Michigan. While the life of our indoor showroom was brief in the face of a global pandemic, we rolled up our sleeves and turned on dime to keep the quality product in the hands of our customers. Spending the time, effort and grit, we perfected the curbside pick-up system, tweaking it until we found the perfect balance of speed, education and friendly customer service. The well-oiled machine that is Breeze was one born out of challenge; one we rose up to face.

Of course, undoubtedly the most important element of Breeze that allowed us to achieve this accolade are the people who have made up the talented Breeze staff. With our knowledgeable budtenders, efficient delivery drivers, and dutiful, attentive heart of house staff, we have been able to create a provisioning center that is not only abundant in efficiency and praise, but heart and passion. So, to our above and beyond staff, a hat goes off to the amazing contributions you have made to create a cannabis experience that is so much more.

But now, we take a look to the future. We’re not ones to rest on our laurels, and we are committed to keeping Breeze the best it can be. You can expect the honest and efficient service you’ve come to expect from Breeze for years to come. We’re happy you are here to help enjoy Breeze and let it continue to thrive in this wild world. Thank you for being a part of our vision, and we know we’ll see you around. 

Written By: Evan O’Hara, Insights Analyst

Having worked the front lines of Breeze as a budtender and behind the scenes as a marketing analyst, Evan is a passionate people-person with a desire to help those around him understand what’s most important, whether it be directing customers to the right cannabis product or informing on his friends on the current trends in media scholarship. With a M.A. in communication from Oakland University, he is a life- long student, currently spending his energies educating himself in cannabis trends and developing his artistic abilities. 

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