Buy Wyld Gummies Online – The Top 5 Flavors at Breeze!

Whether you’re looking for a wild and euphoric experience, or a tame and soothing experience, Wyld Gummies has your back! The nation’s leader in gummies, Wyld, is sold from coast to coast and offers not only a wide selection of craveworthy flavors but desired effects, too. 


The brand fits right in, in Michigan with its outdoorsy antler logo and its mission of producing a cannabis-infused edible for every adventure. So, what should the Michigan cannabis community know about the brand and which gummies to try first? We’ve got the ultimate guide to help you navigate Wyld together! 


So keep reading to learn the story behind Wyld and to find out where to buy Wyld gummies with the Breeze team’s top recommendations! 


Who is Wyld? 


Wyld was founded in 2016 by three college friends who began making homemade edibles over a two-burner stove on a tiny farm in Oregon. Today, the group is mass producing best-in class gummies that are made with real fruit and all-natural flavors. Just a few traits that have helped the brand quickly become America’s best-selling cannabis gummies. 


Outside of manufacturing some of the best gummies on the market today, the brand is deeply rooted in its social impact and environmentally conscious ideals. Including – 


  • Recently becoming the first cannabis brand to become Climate Neutral Certified.
  • Righting the wrongs of the War on Drugs, helping to support 420 expungements in 2022, and other social equity projects 
  • Supporting Pride movements in Oregon, and across the US. 
  • Working on the launch of compostable packaging in the US, after its launch in Canada! 


Put simply – when you buy Wyld’s good-tasting gummies, you’re also supporting good deeds. So, if you’re down to buy Wyld gummies online, which should you try first? Let’s get into our team’s top picks for the top 5 Wyld gummies to help! 


The Top 5 Wyld Gummies Near You 


From profound, consistent effects to all natural flavors you’ll crave – there’s a Wyld edible for everyone! To help you choose, here are our favorite Wyld gummies’ doses and flavors. 


Wyld Gummies Pear – THC:CBG 


There’s nothing more refreshing than the crisp, sweet flavor of pears, which Wyld pairs perfectly with the invigorating effects of the 1:1 THC:CBG ratio! The unique combination of cannabinoids helps rejuvenate your body and mind with CBG’s restorative effects and, of course, THC’s euphoric effects, too. These are the perfect gummies to turn to for a night of self-care or when resting and recovering! 


Wyld Gummies Blood Orange – CBC:THC


If you want a gummy that’s high-dosage and high-powered in flavor, the Blood Orange CBC:THC Wyld Gummies are for you! One of the few gummies to harness the power of the rare cannabinoid CBC, you’ll be able to harness its mind-boosting effects that produce a euphoric bliss! The gummies are also sativa dominant, meaning they’ll put a pep in your step, and are recommended for daytime use and balance. 


Wyld Gummies Elderberry – THC:CBN 


Looking to wind down instead of turning up? Then the Elderberry THC:CBN Wyld Gummies will be your new nighttime BFF! These gummies combine the power of THC and CBN (a sedative!) with the flavor of elderberry. Not surprisingly, these Wyld gummies are indica dominant and high dosage in nature, helping to relax the body and mind so that you can sleep more soundly. 


Wyld Gummies Marionberry 


Wyld is always surprising us with the latest and greatest in flavors, and the brand’s Marionberry gummies are some of our latest and greatest favorites. Save the rich, and robust berry infused bites for nighttime, as they are indica-dominant and intentionally crafted to produce relaxing vibes with a sense of relaxation and calmness! At 100 mg per package, these are a great try for beginner edibles users who could benefit from a sweet lull into slumber. 


Wyld Gummies Pomegranate 


Last but certainly not least are the high-dose Pomegranate Wyld Gummies. For an all day, well-balanced buzz, these hybrid 1:1 THC:CBD infused gummies are it. Not only will the tart and sweet pomegranate flavor ignite your senses, but the gummies will help enhance your creativity and uplift your spirits! Especially helpful to get you through that 2 p.m. hump in the afternoon. Craving even more energy? 


Choose the Raspberry Wyld Gummies, which are just as balancing but sativa-enhanced instead! 


Finding Wyld and More at Breeze 


Now that you know everything you need to know about Wyld, the only question left is – where to buy Wyld gummies near you in Metro Detroit? Look no further than Breeze, where you can buy Wyld gummies online or in-person. With two locations in Hazel Park and Battle Creek, we serve the west side and east side with the best of the best from small-time craft Michigan brands and iconic nationwide brands, like Wyld, too. 


So, start building your cart online for convenient pick-up or delivery, or find your way to one of our stores to meet our friendly Breeze team! Before you do, don’t forget to sign up for Club Breeze rewards to earn with every purchase and get exclusive product drops, news, and more. 

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