Compassion and Care 

The Cannabis Care Center was created to streamline the point of contact for our company into a team committed to education, training, and compassion. This creates space for the company to gain trust and credibility with the consumer market. All customer phone calls, social media messages, emails, chats, and any other customer contact points are directly routed to the center. The team then efficiently manages the information being sent out, creating consistency across our many departments. Having this dedicated team to ensure the same information is retained and relayed by all staff, is imperative to being a reliable name in the cannabis industry. 

With the cannabis industry in Michigan freshly blooming, many consumers are still unsure of which products to choose, how to use them, and their benefits.  Our trained cannabis specialists, who staff the care center, focus on giving compassionate service to anyone who needs reliable cannabis information or advice. Specialists are available daily to answer general cannabis questions via live chat or phone, process phone orders, walk first time users through our system, give recommendations about specific products or illnesses, and be a sounding board for any cannabis concerns.

Our Care Center Team is available from 8am-9pm daily

By live chat, found on our website  

By submitting feedback through our website

By submitting a ticket via our contact feature

Through compassion, education, and the love of cannabis, the Care Center aims to dismantle the stigma of cannabis and open the world of benefits to anyone who might be cannabis curious and need more information.