Chronic Migraines and How I Found Relief with Cannabis

 By: Morgan S. 

I lost count of the times I’ve spaced out in conversations, my speech slurs, and something as simple as standing takes everything I have. I lost count of the times I’ve sat on the bathroom floor using the cool tiles to relieve the searing pain, only to wake up because I blacked out.  I lost count of the times I had to pull over because my vision tunneled and I could see nothing but auras. I lost count of the medications I’ve tried that promised relief only to face the adverse effects. 

This is the reality of living with migraines. 

My migraines occurred  a few times per month, escalating to 3-4 per week, and then every single day. The pain persisted all day, sometimes lasting for multiple days in a row. Because finding the cause of my migraines has proven difficult, I’ve suffered through the pain for most of my life. I’ve seen specialists, been on several medications, changed my diet, had MRI’s and blood work, with no answers. Though a few treatments mildly relieved pain, it was at great cost. They left me with unintended side effects like slurred speech, loss of motor control, vertigo, insomnia, and loss of appetite.   

As a treatment, I receive regular Botox injections from my neurologist, but it is not always enough. I needed a plan for the onset of debilitating pain between appointments and found it in my good friend, cannabis! 

I am constantly using a variety of cannabinoids (CBD, CBG and CBN) and testing different products (flower, vaporizers, and edibles) to alleviate migraine pain. Through experimentation, I find that heavy Indica strains with some CBD provide the most relief for me, and vapes are one of my favorite methods of consumption because they are easy to use and discrete. Platinum Vapes are a great quality brand of distillate cartridge and they contain a good amount of CBD. Bubba Kush is a favorite strain that stays on my nightstand. I tend to follow the same trends for flower and would recommend Hyman Strawnana to lessen the tension. Topicals like the Mary’s Transdermal Compound 1:1 have become a part of my daily routine.  I rub in a small amount across my forehead and temples for fast acting relief.  The product can be applied multiple times a day and has a cooling effect so avoid contact with eyes. For longer lasting relief, Mary’s Transdermal 1:1 patches placed on the wrist or the top of the foot can provide relief for 6-12 hours. 

Edibles are great long lasting products that take the edge off the pain and allow the body to relax completely.  Barracuda 1:1 milk chocolate bars are delightfully sweet and contain equal rations of THC and CBD to combat my migraine pain with mild psychoactive effects. I start with a low dose and wait at least an hour before increasing the dose.  Detroit Fudge Company Honey is great to mix with raspberry or green tea!  The heat from the tea, the aroma, and the THC honey work together to alleviate migraine symptoms.

I know I’m not alone with trying to live life while suffering from chronic pain. Cannabis has given me the chance to treat my pain with minimal side effects, to enjoy life and not let my illness define me. If you want to know if cannabis is right for you and your ailments, I urge you to be open minded, do your research, try different products, and contact one of our Cannabis Specialists at 833-927-3393 to see what may be a good cannabis method for you!

Morgan S.
Cannabis Specialist

Morgan is one of the friendly voices you will encounter with our call center.  In her free time she likes to go urban exploring, collect vintage comics, watch 80’s slashers and cosplay.  She was born and raised in the metro Detroit area.  Morgan thrives off a good joke, a Van Halen record and her side kick cat named Crowley.  She loves helping people and making them laugh.