By: Meredith Spelbring March 9, 2020

 With white marble floors and an open, sleek design, Breeze Provisioning Center is designed to look more like an Apple store and less like a marijuana store. 

Nowfal Akash, chief information officer with BREEZE, said the goal is to focus more on the products and allow the bud tenders, the store’s employees, to better assist patients and shoppers in finding the right product for them. 

“The focus is on the flower, the products that we offer, and that is how we like to keep it,” Akash said, as the Hazel Park store on Sunday became Oakland County’s first recreational marijuana shop. 

“We don’t like that whole behind the counter feel, we like to be on the same side of the conversation with the patient and be able to kind of roam around the store, let them experiment.”

Nowfal Akash – BREEZE CIO

The 1,500-square-foot space features products on the walls as well as specific buds in smaller cases in the center, known as puff pods, allowing the consumer to smell the plant before buying. 

Sales are open to anyone with a valid ID over 21 years old, no medical card required. Products must be purchased with cash, but there is an ATM on site for shoppers. 

The shop at 24517 John R. originally obtained its medical marijuana license in January and began selling Jan. 23 to customers with a medical marijuana card. Sunday marked the first day of recreational sales for the shop after it received its recreational license on Feb. 19. 

Customers can find a variety of products including buds, vape products and products for pets. 

“We have dog treats, cat treats, we don’t discriminate,” Akash said. “Everyone is welcome, including your loved ones and your pets. We definitely cater to everyone. Our demographic is very vast.”

There was a line of customers waiting at the door when Breeze opened at 9 a.m. Sunday.


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