“Here at Detroit Fudge Company, we are a process driven company using precise attention to detail to ensure care and quality is baked into every one of our products.”

In order to provide the highest quality edibles, they start with the highest quality cannabis products from Cannalicious Labs. Their main priority is providing superior and consistent products, as well as continuously evolving within the cannabis industry. With that philosophy, they find it to be their responsibility to use the finest, most ethical, and Eco-friendly products possible. They take pride in knowing our edibles are dosed safely and accurately, and that love is baked into each batch.

Detroit Fudge Company is a proud Michigan based team with many years of experience within the industry. The journey from our humble beginning of a dream and the heart to serve a community has been life changing for their team. Their goal has been to keep our customers and patients satisfied with a quality edible that is consistently dosed.

“Watching our company grow from that humble start to the finest and most recognizable brand in Michigan has been a privilege and an honor that we owe to our customers and patients.”

– The Detroit Fudge Company Team

The trick with edibles is to start small. You can always add to, but can’t take away! We recommend 5-10mgs for a beginners dose. Edibles also take much longer to kick in so we suggest waiting 60-90 minutes before deciding to ingest more. Everyone is different so we also suggest being in a safe and comfortable environment when trying edibles for the first time. 

Milk Chocolate Barracuda Bar – one of their best selling products