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How Cannabis Helped Ease My Pain : A Black Woman’s Perspective on Uterine Fibroids

When I think of Juneteenth and what it means to me, I think of how it symbolizes just the start
of the fight for justice for people of color in the United States. However, some 150 years later in
2021, Black folk and people of color still face so many racial disparities in this country.Our fight
for equality is still ongoing, and so much work remains to be done to close these gaps.

One of those gaps in racial equality is healthcare; black women face issues with access to
healthcare as well as being underrepresented in many clinical trials. In particular, diseases
which disproportionately affect black women, such as fibroids, don’t get the proper funding and
subsequently lack proper research. We are not only three times more likely to be diagnosed
with uterine fibroids, but we are also more likely to experience severe symptoms that impact
our daily lives. Things like very heavy bleeding, abnormally long periods, fatigue, and especially
severe cramps are no stranger to me. I remember, when I was a child, my mother missed work
due to extreme pain and overwhelming fatigue during her periods. I had no idea it was fibroids
until I was older, and began to suffer from them myself. I definitely see a myomectomy, a
surgical fibroid removal, in my future. But for now, I’ve been looking for ways to manage some
of these symptoms, the most disruptive of which are my cramps.

When I experience cramps with my period, I sometimes get completely incapacitated with pain,
and I retreat into my bed with a heating pad after taking some ibuprofen and acetamenophen. I
used to wonder, “there has to be something else I can do that can help me,” and I’m not one
who wants to use narcotic pain relievers. So, I started searching for other homeopathic options.
Well, “what about cannabis?”, I thought. I’ve always noticed some relief after smoking cannabis,
so I decided to delve deeper to see if I could benefit from other methods of consumption.

While at Breeze, I discovered topicals and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). I use Mary’s Muscle Freeze
and Mary’s Transdermal Compound to help with localized pain, and some full spectrum Dazed
to help with a more rapid onset of relief. I massage the cream and/or balm onto my
tummy and lower back and eat a rice grain size of RSO (under the tongue for a quick sublingual
absorption). Within 10 minutes, I notice some relief; my muscle spasms slow and I can sit for a
few minutes without grimacing from pain. I’m able to continue with my day with less
discomfort, and I even get some decent sleep at night. At first, I was honestly stunned by how
effective it was for me!

I’m sharing my story because uterine fibroids have affected the important people in my life, my
family and my friends.The relief I’ve found with cannabis, particularly with RSO, tinctures, and
topicals, has been very impactful for my life. I share this story in the hopes that these different
options can help you, or a loved one who may struggle with fibroids.



Written by: Mandy W.,
Cannabis Specialist

Born and raised in Detroit and a Wayne State alumni, Mandy has always been passionate about cannabis and its holistic benefits. Eager to help others, she is one of the cheerful teams members of the call center.  She adores nature and animals, illustrating and metal music.

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