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Aunt Sparkies is on a mission to provide Michigan cannabis consumers with the cleanest, most organic flower possible. A mission that began with its own family roots, when Aunt Sparkie’s mom herself was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. 

The brand’s level of care and purpose is shown by the quality of each small-batch crop they cultivate, harvest, and take the time to hand-package with love. From carefully chosen strains, to an organic process, Aunt Sparkies ensures you truly taste the difference of organically grown flower. So, you know, Breeze is always sure to have the elite brand on hand! 

If you haven’t tried Aunt Sparkie’s iconic Querkstar strain and other products, or if you’re interested in exploring the rest of their collection, this guide is for you. Let’s learn more about the Aunt Sparkies brand and the mark they’re making on weed in Michigan.

Meet Aunt Sparkie 

At the head of Aunt Sparkie’s operations is Aunt Sparkie herself, Anne Bushroe. After her mom’s cancer diagnosis in 2015, the family turned to cannabis to combat the pain and anxiety of the devastating disease. Through discovering the plant’s profound and beneficial effects, Anne set out to cultivate high quality and organic-grade cannabis for others in need of the same type of healing in her home state. 

The operation has grown exponentially over the years, and is now one of the most popular selling flower brands in the state of Michigan. Prioritizing quality over quantity, the team implements sustainable practices for each batch they grow, with no pesticides or synthetic nutrients. In comparison to hydroponics, they use living soil full of micro and macro organisms to enhance the plant’s natural expression of compounds, to the fullest. 

In the end, their process and products are worthy of earning Certified Kind Organic seal of approval. They even pack each batch into UV protected glass jars to protect the integrity of the flower’s natural profiles for potency and flavor. Now, are you ready to taste what Aunt Sparkies is serving? Keep reading for our Breeze team’s top recommendations. 

The Top 7 Aunt Sparkies Products to Try 

Enjoy cannabis as nature intended it to be with Aunt Sparkies’ organic collection of flower, pre-rolls, and rosin cartridges. To start, here are our top seven favorite Aunt Sparkies strains to add to your must-buy list the next time you’re at Breeze.  

Organic Red Pop Peyton

As a Michigan brand themselves, Aunt Sparkies pays homage to another with their Red Pop Peyton strain. The flower is chock-full of terpenes such as limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene, which deliver its enticing fruit-filled, earthy, and spicy aroma and taste. As for effects, the well-balanced hybrid is known for delivering an uplifting euphoria with a comforting body buzz.

Organic Querkstar 

One of Aunt Sparkies’ most iconic offerings is its Querkstar strain. The indica-dominant strain is a cross between the classics Querkle and Deathstar and offers effects that are relaxing and soothing, making it ideal for nighttime use. The crystal-coated diamond nugs are pungent with clean, floral, and pine aromas and tend to be potent, reaching up to 25% THC and above. 

Organic Tropicana Cookies 

If you’ve never tried the Tropicana Cookies strain, Aunt Sparkies is the one to try first. The flower smells as good as it looks, with eye-catching purple hues and fruity, sweet, and creamy aromas. Aunt Sparkies’ natural practices, of course, enhance these natural qualities for bud and will impress any member of your next sesh. The sativa-dominant hybrid is ideal for wake-and-bakes and will lift your mood all day, every day, if you roll that way. 

Pre-Rolls – Blueberry 

What’s better than top-shelf flower? Flower, you don’t have to roll yourself. Aunt Sparkies recently expanded its collection with its no-shake, no-trim, pre-rolls. One of our favorite strains is Blueberry, which tastes just like its name suggests. Each puff bursts with flavor in your mouth as its indica-dominant effects lull you into a euphoric state of relaxation.  

Pre-Rolls – Ice Cream Cake 

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream Cake, the strain here at Breeze. And, let’s just say – Aunt Sparkies Ice Cream Cake pre-rolls are the cream of the crop with a smooth and creamy sweet grape flavor. But be warned, beginners: the flower is one of the most potent, containing up to 30% THC. The indica-dominant effects of the strain give you all the chill vibes you want and are great for a few puffs before bed.   

Solventless Rosin Cartridge – White Fire OG 

It’s no secret that the best-quality flowers produce the best-tasting vape cartridges. Aunt Sparkies continues its commitment to all natural processes with its solventless rosin cartridges. That is, heat and pressure are used instead of dangerous solvents to extract plants’ natural oils. The brand’s White Fire OG rosin cart is one of our favorites, not only for its well-balanced hybrid effects but for its unique earthy and sour taste, too. 

Solventless Rosin Cartridge – Fire Alien Strawberry  –

Last but certainly not least is Aunt Sparkies’ Fire Alien Strawberry solventless rosin vape cart. The sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between Strawberry Couch and Fire Alien Kush that will keep you energized, focused, and social all day. As for taste, the cart’s main terpene, pinene, gives it a strong sweet and spicy taste that is crisp and energizing. 

Find Aunt Sparkies Near Me at Breeze 

At Breeze, you can count on our team to always deliver the best of the best when it comes to Michigan and nationwide cannabis brands, including Aunt Sparkies. Find Aunt Sparkies near me by planning a trip to your local Breeze in Hazel Park or Battle Creek. Or, shop online and place an order for pickup or delivery

Make your cannabis routine a breeze with Breeze. Pick up Aunt Sparkie’s Querkstar strain or the other favorites from our list today! 


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