If you’re new to cannabis and are having a hard time figuring out where to start, than this guide is for you. There are tons of options in the legal market and it can be tough to figure out the right one for you & your specific needs.

Flower (Bud):

What it is: Good ol’ fashioned cannabis in its bud form. It’s still the standard and we have a menu with tons of options in addition to offering pre-rolled joints.

Who it’s for: Everyone who can stand a little smoke in their lungs. With so many varieties available, you can fine tune your high, or even get low-dosage flower to keep it mellow. Roll it into a joint, grind it into a bowl, use it for baking, stuff it in a one-hitter or load it into a bong if you’re feeling like you missed out on a classic college experience. 

99 Problems by Cloud Cover Cannabis

Concentrates (Dabs/Dabbing):

What they are: Extremely concentrated cannabis compounds. They come in lots of different forms, from wax to the brittle “shatter” to the buttery “badder.” All these fall under the category of what people call “dabs.” A dab is way more intense: You might get up to 85 percent THC per hit, compared to 15 to 25 percent you get by smoking cannabis. You need a special dabbing rig and a butane blowtorch, like the one used for creme brûlée, to use them.

Who they’re for: Power users, plant connoisseurs, people who want to limit their smoke intake.
Concentrates allow for a more potent hit, which means you have to ingest less smoke.

Live Resin by Element Extracts

Vape Pens:

What they are: Efficient delivery systems for weed oil. You can buy cartridges of oil in myriad varieties at a shop. Usually the base of the pen itself is sold separately and is available in many forms, sizes and power.

Who it’s for: The discreet stoner on the move. We recommend them for social gatherings and situations where carrying around a stinky bag of weed or joint would be too obnoxious. People use them at baseball games, the beach or even taking quick hits while walking down the street. It’s not any more legal to hit one of these than it is to hit a Juul or other e-cig in a public space. But the whole point of these is that no one notices when you use one. 

Vape Cartridges by Element Extracts


What they are: Cannabis baked or cooked into snack items, or mixed into other foods. THC and CBD are fat-soluble, which means any fat can hold them, like butter, or coconut oil for vegan edibles. Thanks to the magic of oils, basically any food can be drizzled or mixed with cannabis now.

Who they’re for: People with lung issues, anyone who wants a long-lasting body high. But first timers beware!
Edibles can be very strong, and it’s easy to keep eating a bag of delicious gummies and forget. An edible is perfect for the situations where you can’t, or don’t want to, keep taking puffs to reup your high: a movie, concert, long hike or flight, for instance. 

Indica Gummy by Kushy Punch


What they are: Cannabis-infused products absorbed through the skin, including lotions, balms, oils, body washes, patches and body rubs.

Who they’re for: Anyone looking to treat localized pain, soreness and inflammation; often popular with older users.
Topicals are firmly in the more medicinal section of the weed spectrum, often used to alleviate pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia or just general soreness. 

Transdermal Gel Pen by Mary’s Medicinals

Here are 4 easy steps to make selecting the right product easier:

  1. Know what you’re trying to achieve.
    What you’re trying to feel or treat will help you narrow your options. Give us a call at (833) 927-3393 and talk with one of our receptionists. They can answer all of your questions and can to talk with you about your goals for cannabis use. Whether those goals include treating insomnia, reducing anxiety, or increasing energy & focus and which products we have available that would be best suited for you. 
  2. Understand your tolerance.
    Products with a lower THC content are considered “entry level;” their effects are typically mild and tolerable. Products with higher levels of THC & other cannabinoids may be too potent for a first-time user. When starting off, choose a lower potency strain & stick to a lower dose of edibles. For edible beginners, we recommend starting with 5-10mg of THC.
  3. Decide on a desired consumption method.
    Each technique for consuming cannabis has specific benefits and drawbacks. If you smoke or vape cannabis, you may feel effects more quickly, but it can irritate your lungs and airways. Edibles may be easier to tolerate, but the effects take longer to experience and can oftentimes be more potent. Topicals are great for managing aches and body pain.
  4. Consider your medical history.
    While cannabis is a natural product, it can cause intense effects. Before you try cannabis, you need to consider possible interactions with existing medical conditions and medications. When in doubt, ask a doctor or other healthcare provider about your individual benefits and potential risks.

This is all a lot to consider, but our team takes their jobs very seriously and will spend the time to recommend safe, appropriate methods for all customers. First-time users shouldn’t be intimidated about making their first purchase, there’s something here for everyone and we make buying cannabis a BREEZE.