Introducing: Fluresh

Fluresh creates thoughtfully curated, expertly cultivated and uniquely designed cannabis products tailored to support each person’s dynamic needs. Their quality comes from a hands-on approach and steadfast dedicated to creating medical and recreational products that meet their demanding expectations and, most importantly, yours.​

Cannabis Designed for the Diversity of Life

Fluresh understands that cannabis is so much more than a one-size fits all prescription or the incoherent experience portrayed in the past. It offers nuanced solutions to numerous physical and emotional conditions so when you match a unique individual with the right product, the possibilities are endless.  They design premium cannabis products to fit your ever-dynamic life so each member of our community can experience cannabis’s potential in a way that feels right to them.​

State of the Art, Eco-Conscious Cultivation 

Creating a premium cannabis product starts with the optimal growing environment. As a part of its own proprietary cultivation process, Fluresh blends nutrients for its plants in-house, utilizes purified water to ensure the proper removal of harmful additives and uses coco-coir, an organic, renewable and natural fiber for a more environmentally-friendly, efficient and pesticide-free grow. ​

Flureshing Together

Fluresh believes the emerging cannabis industry has an obligation to conduct business in a way that betters our communities. They are committed to ongoing investment in programming and advocacy, including equitable workforce development and hiring and expungement for those negatively impacted by the War on Drugs. Last week, they launched the Fluresh Five Accelerator Mentorship Program which is now accepting applications from diverse entrepreneurs seeking opportunity in cannabis.