Follow the Breeze to Your Very Own Virtual Vacation

 By: Samantha Baker 

Do you hear that? Off in the distance? That’s the sound of a relaxing breeze calling your name! The perfect reminder that you are overdue for a well-deserved and earned virtual vacation!

Work-from-home life, family get-togethers via zoom, and online schooling all remind us that our new virtual way of living resides in the middle of our homes and is accessible any time. This is why I am here to remind you to take some time to unplug, unwind, and recharge!

If you’re anything like me, you may have a hard time supporting your body when transitioning from work-mode to relax-mode. Especially if you’re working from home and your makeshift office is tucked away in the corner of your living room, reminding you that it’s always there. One of the beautiful things about cannabis is that it can be incredibly supportive in helping the body to relax and unwind– even if you prefer something that won’t “get you high”.

One of my favorite ways to unwind the body in from the day is our Wise Owl CBD Bath Bombs. To get you into the vacation mood, drop one of our Coconut Lime Bath Bombs into a warm and soothing bath. Close your eyes while taking in the tropical aroma. Each of these bath bombs contain 100mg of CBD. The cannabinoid CBD comforts the body with properties that may be supportive for inflammation and muscle relaxation; all the while, soothing almond oil leaves your skin feeling full of nourishment and hydration.

Now, if you’re looking to turn the dial up on your tropical virtual-vacation-meter, you’ll want to hear all about Plesantrees Tropicana Banana. The flavors and scent of this strain carry fruity and citrusy notes. Available in eighths, this flower can be ground up and smoked with a pipe or bong or can be rolled up old school with a traditional joint– smoker’s choice! After a few hits, I challenge you to close your eyes, take three slow breaths in through the nose, signing them out the mouth with an ‘ahhhh.’ After, call forth whatever image comes to mind when I ask, “what does paradise look, sound, and feel like to you?” This image creates the perfect recipe for riding the high through your own personal paradise!

If you’re one of our Breeze family members who prefers to have a more mellow high and experience with their cannabis, allow me to introduce you to our Sweet Spot Delta-8 Tropical Bites. What makes these gummies unique is that they are made with the cannabinoid Delta-8-THC. You may be most familiar with Delta-9-THC, which is what most edibles are made from and is responsible for giving you a psychoactive experience. Because of a different chemical makeup, the experience and “high” may differ for you depending on if you’ve consumed Delta-8-THC or Delta-9-THC. What we do know is that Delta-8 has a less psychotropic potency than Delta-9 due to its chemical makeup. This means that Delta-8-THC may provide a more mellow high than Delta-9-THC and could possibly ebb away from the negative effects of Delta-9-THC such as anxiousness or paranoia. Personally, Delta-8 feels in my body in a similar way that a 1:1 edible or 1:1 tincture would. Meaning a mellow, less potent high could be expected when dosed properly for your body. Delta-8 may also support stimulating appetite, relieving pain, and relaxing the body.

The Sweet Spot Delta-8 Tropical Bites are a great alternative to try out if you are someone who is looking for an edible that may be more mellow than what you’ve tried in the past or are an experienced consumer who is looking to switch it up with something new.

If you’d prefer to stick with the traditional THC gummies you may be familiar with, you’ll want to check out our Dragon Fly Kitchen’s Margarita Chill gummies collection! These flavorful gummies will have you imagining yourself somewhere sunny and 75 °F in no time. Each package comes with 10 gummies and contains around 100mg per package. Flavors include Strawberry Sativa, Mango Indicatraditional Margarita Hybrid and don’t miss out out on the Fireball gummies!

Now what are you waiting for?? Head on over to our online menu to place your order, close whatever piece of technology you’re viewing this on, and go chase the breeze that’s leading you to your very own personal virtual vacation!

Samantha Baker
Cannabis Specialist

Passionate about cannabis, Samantha is one of the friendly voices that will greet you when you call into Breeze. Her favorite part of being in the cannabis industry is the ability to offer customers one-on-one support to make sure they are receiving the best product possible for themselves and their loved ones. She lives in Metro Detroit with her husband and three fur babies (who all love cannabis too!)