Meet Glacier Cannabis:

Glacier is a small team of hardworking Midwesterners, based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Glacier isn’t some crazy huge corporation that is looking to make a quick buck on the cannabis industry. They’re here for two reasons: They care about their customers. They care about their products.

They know their patients are all types of people throughout Michigan. They’re waiters, writers, athletes, lawyers, chefs, musicians, mothers, fathers, and more. They’re people that keep Michigan moving. And Glacier aims to keep them moving. Their goal is to rid their customers of pain, in the many forms that it may come. They want to provide relief from stress, an escape from depression, a solution to insomnia, alleviation from muscle cramps and body aches, and treatment for countless other conditions. Glacier knows the power of cannabis.

Cannabis has been proven to help treat all of the issues above, and the team at Glacier believes it can do so much more. That’s they we prioritize and take pride in the products they provide. Glacier Cannabis is grown in their new, state-of-the-art facility. They grow craft cannabis in small batches, so they can closely monitor each individual plant and provide the precise care that they need. The result is frosty, potent, delicious Glacier Cannabis.

Why Glacier?

10,000 years ago, Michigan was completely covered by glaciers. These glaciers slowly carved out the beautiful landscape at Glacial Farms, where all Glacier Cannabis is grown.

Over thousands of years, the glaciers collected and deposited glacial rocks and glacial rock dust, rich with minerals and nutrients. Glacier Farms uses this glacial rock dust in our grow medium to provide their plants with natural nutrients that are unique to the local landscape.

Over time, many of the glacial minerals have also been flushed down into the groundwater. They use an on-site well to extract this nutrient-dense water from beneath the surface. These natural glacial waters are used to hydrate each and every Glacier Cannabis plant, allowing for clean products with a pure taste and a refreshing Glacier finish.

The green grass fields at Glacial Farms thrive in the glacial rock dust on a warm August day. via


By working alongside geneticists, Glacier is able to provide a range of rare and award-winning strains. They’re always growing a variety of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains in order to provide something for everyone.


Their new state-of-the-art facility has 10 rooms, each with the tools needed to accomplish a variety of specific tasks for that room. This allows them to maximize quality and output in each and every strain they grow.


Growing exceptional cannabis takes patience. Their team takes the time to carefully manage plants from seed to shelf, verifying each has everything it needs to succeed. They aim for top shelf quality in every flower.

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