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Goldkine Cannabis – Brand Highlight

Providing premier luxury cannabis, Goldkine offers quality flower with the best practices and consistent services, aiming for an unparalleled product. Goldkine’s combination of state-of-the-art equipment and an educated diverse team shows the true passion the team has for cannabis.

The balance of quality and reliability shows with Goldkine and will only be extending their footprint throughout Michigan in the cannabis market. 

featured flower:

Apple Fritter

Our infamous Apple Fritter combines the heavy hitter Animal Cookies with the euphoric Sour Apple, for an intensely sedative feeling. The relaxation seeps into your limbs until it feels as if you’re surrounded by a warm blanket. The tantalizing scent that oozes from the package combines a pungent, sour stank with a hint of florals that you can almost taste. The flavor is true to the name, combining the sweet and buttery richness of a fall pastry. A delightfully tangy and smooth experience making it the perfect addition to a cozy night in. 



Pineapple Phantom

The unique cross of the classic sativa, Pineapple Express, with the mysterious Phantom OG whose true lineage is highly debated.  Though initially piney and sweet, the aroma evolves into a deep, peppery flavor with floral notes that linger on your tongue. A true sativa dominant, where the effects travel straight to your temples for a feeling of relief and relaxation, without being stuck. A great mid-day strain to take the edge off.





 A Goldkine favorite where the sweet and sedating Purple Punch meets bright and energetic Clementine, blending into a zesty yet smooth creamsicle dream. The bold citrus aromas instantly dominate the experience in both taste and smell, but mellow out with a creamy and earthy exhale. Great for the creative mind or those looking for a pick-me-up, it’s hard not to smile with a Mimosa in hand. 



Focusing exclusively on top-shelf flowers, Goldkine’s genetics catalog includes strains that were bred specifically for indoor cultivation.

 After harvesting, the team pays close attention to the drying and curing process to ensure preservation of terpene profiles. 



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