Since 1974 High Times has been the leading voice in cannabis, today they become the face of cannabis.

By working with the best growers in Michigan, High Times has created their second drop of three more incredible strains; Mind Blown, Ratso’s Delight & Night Moves. Very limited edition, hand trimmed exquisite buds to take you where you want to go.


The Limited 3rd Collection Review


Second collection – SOLD OUT

Review of Ratso’s Delight (Ice Cream Cake) – Hybrid

The bud structure was tight and compact, the nugs rounded and dense. Fresh green colors with a beautiful shine from the trichomes. The tangy, piney, slightly fruity and bright aroma filled the air as soon as the jar was cracked. Immediately I knew this unique terpene blend would be even better once smoked. Upon inhalation, the taste deepened slightly into a smooth creamy flavor while retaining notes of those fresh, tangy, almost fruity flavors that were present while smelling. Ratso’s Delight truly was a delight; great bud presentation, strong unique terpene blend that held through the smoking process, and a great euphoric hybrid high.

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Emily K.

Call Center Manager

First Collection – SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT – Eagle Clutch – Indica Hybrid

This uplifting, but mellow and VERY powerful strain is ready to take you to new heights. The taste and relaxation will lull you in, but be careful in the Eagle’s Clutch. It’s a powerful and delicious strain, so you’ll want to keep soaring higher and higher.

Eagle Clutch is a uplifting and powerful Indica Hybrid, comprised of Wedding Cake and BX1.

SOLD OUT – High Flyer – Hybrid

Gorgeous, Milky White Buds start your flight and thats just the start. High Flyer is a pleasure for all the senses that only a very few select growers have the pleasure to grow. But it’s oh so worth it. Upbeat but balanced, this strain will keep you flying at altitude.

This Hybrid strain is one of the most special strains we’ve ever seen, and considering only a very few select growers can produce it, we think you’ll appreciate being in this exclusive crew of aviators. Cookies F2 crossed with Miracle 15 are ready for takeoff.

SOLD OUT – Lion Fuel – Indica Hybrid

An Indica dominant, and we do mean dominant strain, Lion Fuel is like a pillow wrapped around your head to take you werever you want to go comfortably. Strong body and Head High and a pungent sweet aroma will have you settling in to…relaxing times. Lounge like a lion.

Lion Fuel has a sublime backstory that involves Animal Cookies, Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Power, so you know this one’s gonna bring you home at the end of the day.