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Love Your Pet Day

Not sure if CBD is right for your pet?
Benefits may include:
● Powerful Pain Relief
● Anti-Convulsant (Seizure Relief)
● Anti-Inflammatory
● Stress Relief
● Anti-Ematic (minimizes nausea and vomiting)
● Slowing of Tumor Growth and Relief of Cancer Symptoms
● Overall Health Supplement
Still not sure if CBD is right for your pet? In Michigan, the ban on veterinarians discussing cannabis as
treatment was lifted this month
. So, talk to your vet and see if CBD is right for your pet.
I first witnessed the benefits of CBD for pets when a 16-year-old Cockapoo named Muffin lost
the pep in her step. With only a few daily drops of Medie Edie’s CBD Pet Tincture added to her
breakfast, Muff felt the benefits of reduced inflammation and pain relief and started behaving
more like her younger self! I saw the drastic change CBD could do for this old girl, and
wondered how my own pets would benefit.
Rowdy, my aptly named 6-year-old pitbull is high energy and high anxiety especially in the car
and when people come over. Adding to Rowdy’s stress, I started steadily building my dream
menagerie during the state lockdowns by rescuing a 10-month-old pitbull named Fiona who
had her own healthy reservations about people and general fearful disposition. Three months
later, I acquired a savage stray kitten named Oscar from my own backyard. To stave off any
new sibling rivalry (and to keep the peace!) I introduced Wise Owl CBD Dog and Cat Treats to
our daily routine. I noticed the behavior changes within the hour! The treats were able to ease
canine anxiety and calm the chaos of kittenhood. Now, every car ride, trip to the vet, and
firework show begins with a CBD treat.
Overall, CBD does not have psychoactive effects and may leave your pets in better health.
Whether reducing stress and anxiety in younger pets or easing your elder pet’s pain, Wise Owl’s

CBD pet treats can help improve their quality of life. The proper dose is determined by the
weight of your pet and listed on each package. – J.W.
WARNING: CBD formulated for people may contain limonene which is toxic for pets. ONLY GIVE YOUR PETS CBD SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED FOR ANIMALS!

Written by: Jordyn W.,
Cannabis Specialist

Jordan is a cannabis enthusiast turned specialist. She enjoys learning about the many benefits cannabis has to offer, and her favorite part of the industry is connecting customers with the right product for them. She is one of the friendly voices on the phone ready to assist you. Jordan lives in Metro Detroit with her husband and pack of pitties (and a kitten!). 

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