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Michigander Fire: Redefining Top-Shelf

With new cultivation facilities popping up all around the state, many critics worry about the quality and beauty of high-end cannabis being lost. The rising costs of production make it a financial decision for many companies to cut corners here and there when the results will still create quality products. Often, cultivation centers will choose the more affordable lighting, feed each strain the same nutrient diet, or pick strains known for large yields, rather than for quality. All of which makes sense economically when growing mid-tier recreational cannabis, which is honestly great for so many consumers. And, to be fair, finding quality strains, known as pheno-hunting, requires great attention to detail, many trial and error runs, and the willingness to scrap a harvest if it’s not worth putting your reputation on–which means money lost. That’s why when brands come on the scene, doing the exact opposite of that, putting their heart and soul into the plant strictly for the love of cannabis and pride in their name, they’re worth distinguishing. Michigander Fire is that brand!

Michigander Fire was founded on a deep passion for cannabis and the commitment to growing top of the line products without cutting corners. Founders and family members, Tim Scott and Tyler Dunlap have worked relentlessly to enter the legal cannabis space with this well known caregiver brand that was previously in many shops around the state. Tyler, the Master Grower, has been chasing this dream since he was 13, where he first began searching the internet for seed companies to begin his pheno-hunting. It would be years before his first grow, but the seed had been planted and his fascination was well rooted. Tim, after a successful career as an executive in the aerospace industry, saw an opportunity to bring Tyler’s passion for cannabis into the legal market and operate the business. The two of them, along with their team including many members of their family, work together to ensure the integrity of the product is being maintained while the business is thriving professionally.

Aside from being a family owned business, what sets this company apart is their authenticity to the cannabis community and their dedication to quality. During our tour, we weren’t allowed inside the rooms containing plants without full “bunny suits” to avoid any potential contamination. This was the moment I knew the Michigander Fire team meant business and I instantly had the utmost respect for their commitment to cleanliness. In fact, this was one of the cleanest grows we’ve toured, where the floors were so immaculate they could’ve been eaten off. The grow equipment was top of the line, with consistent upkeep records to ensure it is always working at full capacity. Each strain is fed unique nutrient blends and grown in parameters specific to that strain ensuring the unique terpene profiles are fully expressing themselves. With the large genetic library the team has of rare and highly sought after strains, it’s imperative that their true genetics get to shine, and with their extreme attention to detail, Michigander Fire makes sure of that. Tyler personally spends time each morning with the plants, inspecting each one to ensure it is up to his incredibly high standards of success. One of the most powerful things I’ve heard a master grower say is, “the plants don’t care about holidays, they don’t care it’s Christmas,” in regards to taking a day off, which is clearly not in Tyler’s vocabulary. Michigander Fire understands that in order to grow top tier cannabis, the plants need quality care and it needs to be consistent. If you’re in need of a product to remind you where the roots of cannabis come from, a product to showcase the craft that is cannabis cultivation, or a product to treat yourself with, this brand will not let you down.

Written by: Emily K.,
Head of Care Center

At 27 Emily is already a cannabis industry veteran. This hardcore cannabis enthusiast and aficionado is looking to break the negative stigma attached to the industry & show that it is full of compassionate people that are working hard to improve others’ quality of life. Emily is also known as the “Queen of Blunts” by her friends and loves pet weasels.

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