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Microdosing with Cannabis as Preventative Support

Cannabis consumers have been using cannabis for support with a multitude of ailments and
symptoms for thousands of years. Cannabis has brought relief to those battling everything
from intense chronic pain to cancer, but what about when you need cannabis to offer support
managing symptoms or to support overall wellness? This where microdosing with cannabis
comes in as preventative support. One of my favorite ways to easily manage any symptoms I’m
experiencing throughout the day is microdosing. Microdosing is when you take small amounts
of something that brings you relief throughout the day, while not allowing it to interfere with
your ability to complete your daily tasks.
Think about when you visit the dentist for your preventative cleaning. You may not be
experiencing intense pain or unmanageable symptoms, but you’re preventing them from
happening. Microdosing with cannabis works in a similar way. CBD specifically is one of my
personal favorites to microdose with because CBD is neuroprotective, antioxidant, and anti-
inflammatory, while being therapeutic for stress, anxiety, and sleep modulation.
The goal when microdosing with cannabis is to prevent your symptoms from worsening or
becoming unmanageable. In practice, this looks like finding the right combination of
cannabinoids and dosing that allows you to keep your symptoms under wraps, while still being
able to go about your day to day. For me, this practice varies depending on what my body
needs. Since my body battles with a lot of inflammation and joint pain, I typically look for a
product to microdose with that has a combination of THC and CBD.
Each and every one of us has a unique endocannabinoid system, meaning the way we
microdose and explore preventative support is going to look different for each of us. With that,
let’s explore what products could vibe well with you and your body. You may have to spend
some time being your own detective, as I like to call it, to find the perfect combo of
cannabinoids and dosing that feels just right to you and your body. A good starting point for
users new to edibles or tinctures is 2.5mg.
Let’s talk about what it means to microdose with different combinations and ratios of
cannabinoids, in particular THC and CBD, the most commonly known cannabinoids. THC is the
cannabinoid that is most supportive for pain management and appetite stimulation, while CBD

offers a range of support from being an anti-inflammatory to neuroprotective. The combination
or ratio of THC to CBD is going to vary depending on what you’re looking to receive support
with. Below we’re going to explore different products with different combinations of THC, CBD,
or both.
One of my favorite products to microdose THC with is our Petra Mints. Each mint is 2.5mg of
THC and each pack comes with 40 mints. Coming in a sleek container, these mints resemble
any other mint you would keep with you throughout the day. Meaning these are a great option
for those of us needing to be discreet while microdosing and going about our day. These mints
are unique because, although you are going to experience the benefits the same way you
would any other edible, you’re also going to experience the onset of relief from letting the mints
dissolve in your mouth. These THC mints may be supportive for anyone who is looking for
preventative support with pain management or appetite stimulation.
What makes mints, lozenges, or anything else that can melt in your mouth unique, is that
although you will still receive the effect that an edible would give you, you’ll also feel some of
the pre-effects from the cannabis dissolving in your mouth. Our mouths have membranes that
the cannabinoids link up with, providing a sublingual and buccal absorption (similar to how
tinctures work.)
If you’re looking for something that offers that same low-dose and melt-in-your-mouth option,
but includes more than just THC, I would recommend giving our TreeTown 1:1 Canna Melt
a try. Each lozenge comes with around 25mg of both THC and CBD. Each lozenge has
marks on it where it can be divided into 4 doses, each one being around 6.25mg of both THC
and CBD. Remember when I mentioned that I like to use a combination of both THC and CBD to
support relieving my symptoms from inflammation and joint pain? 1:1 products like this are
exactly what I look for. Since CBD mellows out the effects of THC, I also find that a 1:1 product
helps to keep me at a level to where I don’t feel “too high” to go about my day (the goal of
Another melt-in-your-mouth tried and true are our Terra bites. With 5mg per bite, these make
the perfect option for those of us who need a higher microdose to get us to where we need to
be. With both blueberries coated in milk chocolate and peppermint patties coated in dark
, these bites are not only the perfect THC microdose option, but they’re incredibly
Our TreeTown Recover Mango 1:5 and Tranquil Dragonfruit 1:2 are going to be your go-tos if
you want to try out THC:CBD ratios, but would prefer a gummy. Not sure which ratio would
work best for you and your body? Let’s break it down together. The Recover 1:5 comes in a

package of 10 gummies, with each gummy containing 3mg of THC and 15mg of CBD. These
gummies are going to be best for those of us who need just a smidge of that THC for pain relief
or appetite stimulation, but need that higher CBD content to combat inflammation and mellow
out the effects of the THC. When THC works alongside other cannabinoids, such as CBD, we get
to experience what’s called the “entourage effect.” This means that the cannabinoids are
working synergistically to provide you with the support you need. The Tranquil Dragonfruit 1:2
gummies work in a similar way. The only difference with these are the ratios of THC:CBD. Also
coming in a package of 10, each gummy contains 5mg of THC and 10mg CBD. These are going
to be best for those of us who need that adjustment in ratios and find that we need a little
more THC and a little less CBD. This is where being your own detective comes in.
For our folks who are looking for minimal THC to microdose with, we have CBD rich Mary’s
Tincture CBD Remedy Plus 1200mg 30:1
. What’s great about this tincture is that it still has a
small amount of THC which prompts that “entourage effect” to maximize the support your body
is receiving. This tincture would be perfect for those who are looking to relieve, manage, or
prevent pain stemming from inflammation, modulate sleep, or receive the benefits of being
neuroprotective and antioxidant. With 250 doses per bottle, this tincture maximizes the bang
you’re getting for your buck, especially when microdosing! An added bonus with this tincture is
the fact that the “entourage effect” is enhanced with added myrrh, cinnamon leaf, and
cinnamon bark oil. What I love most about tinctures is the fact that with the sublingual
application, you can expect to begin receiving the relief and benefits within about 15-30
minutes. Tinctures are simple and discreet to use, perfect to keep in your bag or use on the go.
How can you tell if you’ve found the right combination of cannabinoids and the perfect dosing?
You’ll feel as though your symptoms have subsided to a manageable level, while still being able
to complete your daily tasks and duties. Personally, 5mg is my perfect microdose sweet spot
and I came to that conclusion through trial and error.

It’s my hope that this guide gives you a little more insight on how to microdose with cannabis as
preventative support, what product might be the right one for you to start with, and how you
can begin your own unique journey of discovering what combination, ratios, and dosing work
best for you and your body. If you need support in learning more about how microsding could
be supportive for you or would like more recommendations, please reach out to us via chat or
give us a call at 833-927-3393.

Written by: Samantha Baker,
Cannabis Specialist

Passionate about cannabis, Samantha is one of the friendly voices that will greet you when you call into Breeze. Her favorite part of being in the cannabis industry is the ability to offer customers one-on-one support to make sure they are receiving the best product possible for themselves and their loved ones. She lives in Metro Detroit with her husband and three fur babies (who all love cannabis too!)

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