Made with only the most premium products, MKX edibles are perfectly infused with the very finest MKX Gold Distillate and only highest of quality ingredients.

MKX strongly believes their customers deserve only the best, patients over profits. MKX edible gummies are a low key way to enjoy without being noticeable.

NO milk, eggs, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat or soy were used during production of any MKX products.

Approx. 100 MG THC per package – Approx. 20 MG THC per serving – 5 GUMMIES PER PACKAGE

The trick with edibles is to start small. You can always add to, but can’t take away! We recommend 5-10mgs for a beginners dose. Edibles also take much longer to kick in so we suggest waiting 60-90 minutes before deciding to ingest more. Everyone is different so we also suggest being in a safe and comfortable environment when trying edibles for the first time. 

Images via @officialmkxoilco on Instagram