Launching a BREEZIER Website

On September 1st, you’re going to notice some differences to our website and the Club BREEZE Rewards wallet. With a sleek new look and dynamic content, you’re sure to be taken aback by the new experience! When navigating the new digital landscape, there will be a few things you’ll notice and want to keep note of.

Location Settings

With the exciting opening of our new Battle Creek location, we’ve developed a new site that changes dynamically with your chosen location. Whether you’re looking to shop at our Hazel Park or Battle Creek store, you will get the information you need, like hot deals or exciting Breeze events. While the site will select the location closest to you, it’s always a good idea to double check to see if you’re shopping at the right store.

When looking at the top right of the screen, you’ll notice an option that displays your current location. If you click on that area of the screen, you will be given the option to change your location to your preferred Breeze location.

Once you select your location, our home page, deals page and menu will be altered to reflect your choice, leaving you ready to browse, order and be one step closer to your cannabis purchase.

Brand Pages

In addition to our extensive blog pages we’re including a catalog of pages featuring our prominent brands, offering you an overview of the many great products we offer at Breeze. If you have any questions on brands while placing your online order, feel free to take a peek at these brand pages, to give you more information about your purchase! And remember, if you need any more help, contact our call center for the lowdown on all of our products.

Club BREEZE Rewards Wallet

You may also notice a bit of a style change with your Club Breeze Rewards wallet. Despite its new appearance, our classic rewards program will be staying true to you, our loyal customers. You will still earn 1 point for every $1 spent and and redeem rewards the same way.

If you’ve saved your wallet on your phone or bookmarked, don’t worry if it stops working on 9/1. We will be texting you a new link and you can always find the log in page on our new website.

Keep an eye out for more exciting uses of points in the future!

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