With humble beginnings Noble Road was born. There’s nothing more important to them than bringing people together.

Quality control, accessibility, and a whole lot of love are the key ingredients to their premium cannabis products that range from cookies and gummies to THC cartridges, and flower. It’s why they chose a historic bakery in Lansing, MI as their headquarters — because they believe in the care and comfort of their patrons and fostering a feel-good community.

Whether you’ve selected one of their premium products for its medicinal healing powers, its capacity to calm the mind and body, or simply are in the mood to unwind we think it’s fair to say — it feels great to feel good, and we know you will find what you are seeking at Noble Road.


Noble Road’s number one priority is to makes sure the products you receive are fresh and ready for consumption. They are on a never ending mission to find the best solutions possible to provide their customers with the best product experience, while being mindful of their impact on the earth.

They take sustainability seriously, as they are stewards of the cannabis plant that so many of us love. Across the industry they see the difficulty in remaining truly sustainable, yet they are continually working on solutions to make sure their products cause less harm to the planet


One thing Noble understands is everyone’s relationship and experience with cannabis is unique. It’s why the quality and care put into their products is so important to them. You can trust that if their name is on the product you are enjoying, it was meticulously grown and cared for with your health and well-being at the forefront of their minds.


Peanut Butter Cookie

Not only do Noble Road’s cookies have the iconic fork cross marks, they are also crafted with all-natural peanut butter, hints of vanilla, and brown sugar to consummate our version of the peanut butter cookie.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

With memories of getting caught with our hand in the cookie jar! Noble Road has curated the highest quality ingredients to present, the Chocolate Chip cookie with the perfect blend of brown sugar, vanilla, and artisanal chocolate.

Molasses Cookie

Noble Road sources only the highest quality spices to create the harmonious blend of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. These autumn classics are sure to melt in your mouth and make you smile!

Pumpkin White Chocolate Snickerdoodle

To celebrate the arrival of pumpkin spice season, Noble Road’s chef has whipped up the perfect blend of sweet and spice. Enjoy a delicious twist on the classic snickerdoodle cookie with hints of pumpkin and white chocolate. These are a fall staple that will be sure to please your taste buds!

The trick with edibles is to start small. You can always add to, but can’t take away! We recommend 5-10mgs for a beginners dose. Edibles also take much longer to kick in so we suggest waiting 60-90 minutes before deciding to ingest more. Everyone is different so we also suggest being in a safe and comfortable environment when trying edibles for the first time. 

Images via @nobleroadco on Instagram