Mary’s Medicinals Brings Relief for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Mary’s Medicinals was created to enhance the quality of life for everyone, but was originally used to help remediate the symptoms of breast cancer. Patients and customers are able to get an alternative experience and new quality of life through plant-based ingredients and innovations; while easily integrating the therapeutic power of cannabis into their daily routine. The expert scientists at Mary’s collaborate with some of the top physicians in their fields to develop innovative cannabis therapies that allow people to take control of their wellness with highly targeted, result-driven methods. Organic cannabis extracts and advanced delivery systems are of the highest quality and standards, which in turn provides the most effective treatment and delivery. Mary’s offers an array of premium cannabis products that cater to all!

All products are carefully formulated to cater to those battling cancer, need a boost, or even want a sense of normalcy in their quality of life. Not only do their methods offer a wide array of benefits including the elimination of smoking, dose control, continued release, convenience, and systematic effects; but Mary’s happen to be the only brand in Michigan with transdermal compounds via their patches, compound topicals, and gel pens.

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Transdermal Compound

A little goes a long way! What makes this product unique is that it incorporates what’s known as a ‘transdermal compound’, which allows the cannabinoids such as THC and CBD to penetrate deeper than just the surface layer of the skin bringing relief to deeper tissues; making this the perfect pair for muscle and joint pain, uterine and ovarian pain, and even migraines. The soothing scent itself can even provide relief! On average, the transdermal compound can take up to 15 minutes to take effect and last 3-5 hours, so apply as needed!

Transdermal Patches

Similar to the Transdermal Compound, these patches bring cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBN, or THC straight to the blood stream. Discreet, convenient, and mess-free, Mary’s transdermal patches were formulated to deliver precise dosing without the use of smoking, vaping, or oral consumption. With a simple application on a veinous part of the skin, such as the wrist, relief can be felt within 30 minutes and last 8-12 hours. Sweat, heat, and water resistant; these patches are great for on-the-go relief.

Transdermal Gel Pen

With 50 measured 4mg doses, there’s no guessing when it comes to medicating with Mary’s Transdermal Gel Pen. This product can be applied directly to the area seeking relief or applied to a venous part of the skin to reach the bloodstream. It can easily be used like the transdermal compound and applied to the head for headaches, lower abdomen for uterine and ovarian discomfort, or arthritic aches and pains on joints. Relief can be felt in 5-15 minutes and last up to 4-6 hours. Being a roll on, it has the ability to make accessibility easier for individuals who have trouble with hand movement and less likely to get the product on the hands, causing exposure to other areas to the product. Mary’s Transdermal Gel Pen is also easy to carry with you as needed for discreet use.

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