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Delivery & Curbside Pickup
Store Information
24517 John R Rd
Hazel Park, MI 48030

9am – 9pm
7 Days/Week

Levitate Confections

Levitate is a confections company designed to provide high quality cannabis infused candies with precise dosing and delectable flavors. Levitate aims to put a smile on your face from the moment it hits your tongue. Expertly crafted flavors mask any trace of cannabis oil, allowing you to savor the sweet tasting treats. Gummies that dissolve in your mouth deliver the medication to you more quickly than slowly digested brownies or capsules. Levitate gummies are produced in small batches to ensure quality and precision when it comes to dosage as well as flavor. With a light sugar coating, these gummies are infused with cannabis and natural fruit essence. These chewy candies are bursting with flavor, and pack a potent punch of THC.

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