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Edibles & Gummies
Price: $80 (Retail Value: $120)

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  1. Jolly Edibles - Short's Brewing Mule Gummies
  2. Mindy’s - Honey Sweet Melon 40mg Gummy
  3. Mindy’s - Cool Keylime Kiwi Gummy
  4. Mindy’s - Glazed Orange Clementine Gummy
  5. Good News - Blue Raspberry Me Time Gummy
  6. Good News - Watermelon Friyay Gummy
  7. Good News - Sparkling White Grape Vegas Gummy
  8. Bléised - Smoothie Gummies
  9. True North Confections - Strawberry Fields Gummies
  10. Redbud Roots - Summer Dreamz Gummies
  11. Afternoon Delite - Blue Lemonade Fruit Bombs
  12. Sweetspot - Sour Mix Gummies