Redbud Roots’ mission is to positively impact both individuals as well as communities through a patient-centric approach to the cultivation and manufacturing of premier cannabis products, representing their dedication to the advancement of the human condition through education, charity, and science.

Redbud Root’s vision is to build medical grade commercial cultivation facilities, provisioning centers, processing labs and to be a leader in this rapidly growing industry. Their goals are simple and direct. Own and operate cannabis cultivation facilities and make a significant impact on the cannabis community.

Each of their facilities are specifically designed to produce state of the art medicine for their patient driven approach.  They use top of the line materials to produce some of the cleanest and purest products in the industry. Their approach to each facility is completely different.  Some facilities are centered around LED lighting and tiered racking systems, while others incorporate HID and Plasma combinations to tailor each room around the needs of our different strains. Their lab facility utilizes several different extraction methods which allows them to make pure, precise concentrates. This also allows them to incorporate multiple cannabinoids and terpenes into a single medicine to meet the different needs of different ailments.
Redbud Roots is one of the first to market in this new industry. This allowed them to set the bar and the industry standard to what kind of true medicine the industry is seeking. With their approach to the patient first, they can mold their medicine to meet the exact needs of every ailment we address. They also have a notable research and development lab where they are partnering with several doctors, universities and industry leaders to develop new strains to attack illnesses like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Autism.  Their state of the art lab will allow them to make consistent, precise medicine.

Redbud Roots believes medical cannabis is an appropriate therapeutic treatment for patients suffering from many ailments. Bringing that belief to life for all those who need it requires conversation, research and results. In the interest of progressing this dialogue, Redbud Roots’ organized a team of physicians who are experts in their field – our Medical Advisory Board. Their task is to educate, train and inform medical professionals in Illinois on all aspects of cannabis as medicine. The first step was to design a Continuing Medical Education (CME) series in affiliation with leading academic medical centers.

Among them are Northwestern Memorial, University of Chicago and Rush University Medical Center. The Medical Advisory Board has succeeded in communicating the benefits of medical cannabis with physicians, patients, cultivators and government. Their ongoing efforts help to inform the treatment of medical conditions, the development of new forms of products and raise the standard of manufacturing for cannabis medicine. With great information comes the relief of reform & acceptance.

Images via redbudroots.com