Give the Gift of Rest, Relief, & Relaxation this Holiday Season

 By: Samantha Baker 

Whether you’re staying in for Zoom Christmas or visiting loved ones for the holiday, I think it’s an understatement to say that celebrating the holidays in 2020 is a new (and possibly overwhelming) adventure for all of us! This is why I put together the perfect gift combination to encourage rest, relief, and relaxation. (Psst.. I recommend getting these for your loved one in mind and yourself, you deserve it too!)

We’re going to start out this gift recommendation in warm soothing waters with one of our Breeze CBD Bath Bombs. This isn’t your typical holiday bath bomb! Each of these locally and sustainably made bath bombs contain 100mg of CBD combined with natural essential oils to soften sore and aching muscles while calming the mind and awakening the senses. Our Slumber Party Bath Bomb makes the perfect stocking stuffer!

The beautiful blanket of snow that covers Hazel Park as I write this, reminds me that winter is officially upon on us. Which is why we are going to follow-up our relaxing bath bomb with Wise Owl’s Revive CBD + CBG Body Lotion. This nourishing body lotion helps to combat the dry, inflamed, and irritated skin that often comes with the cold weather. This body lotion contains hyaluronic acid, which is known for binding to water, making this an important ingredient to promote hydrated skin. The effects of CBG are heightened when combined with CBD, providing pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. This powerful combination makes this lotion incredibly supportive for conditions such as eczema, fibromyalgia, rosacea, arthritis, and psoriasis.

We are going to wrap-up this incredibly relaxing gift with a Darren McCarty 2:1 Pucker Up Pre-roll. This ready-to-smoke joint contains the cannabinoids THC and CBD. These two work incredibly well together to offer full-body relaxation, support any inflammation in the body, while offering support through stress and overwhelm. This pre-roll is also the perfect gift for your loved one who is excited to smoke this holiday, but is looking for an option that avoids some of the overpowering effects of too much THC, such as anxiousness or paranoia.

HOLIDAY PRO TIP: draw a hot (but comfortable) bath, drop in a Breeze CBD Bath Bomb, while soaking in the soothing waters, light up your 2:1 Pucker Up Pre-roll. After you feel relaxed and nourished from your bath and pre-roll, wrap your skin up with the Wise Owl Revive CBD + CBG Body Lotion

HOLIDAY PRO TIP #2: Continue with the theme of rest, relief, and relaxation by letting us do the work for you! Head on over to our menu to place your order for free delivery (all we ask is that your subtotal is $20 or more at checkout.) One of our amazing drivers will bring your order straight to your door so that you can avoid the holiday rush (and our busy parking lot!)

Wish you and yours a safe, happy, and cannabis fueled holiday! – SB

Samantha Baker
Cannabis Specialist

Passionate about cannabis, Samantha is one of the friendly voices that will greet you when you call into Breeze. Her favorite part of being in the cannabis industry is the ability to offer customers one-on-one support to make sure they are receiving the best product possible for themselves and their loved ones. She lives in Metro Detroit with her husband and three fur babies (who all love cannabis too!)