RSO – The Miracle Healing Oil

By: Emily Koehler


Many of us in the cannabis industry are here for healing. Whether it be to heal ourselves or help heal others, we’ve all come together over this miracle plant with the common goal of helping to improve our quality of life. The tool I personally rely on to accomplish this goal is Rick Simpson Oil. Whether my own endocannabinoid system is in need of some love, or I’m working with a client who is in need of healing, Rick Simpson Oil is my first thought. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a full spectrum and highly concentrated cannabis oil that has been shown to help with a multitude of ailments ranging from major pain to addiction to cancer. Full spectrum refers to products that contain the naturally occurring, full range of terpenes and cannabinoids. When these cannabinoids and terpenes interact, they work synergistically to increase the beneficial effects, while subduing the negative effects; we call this the entourage effect. The entourage effect of RSO supports a quicker healing process as well as a more well rounded “high,” making the product easier to consume. 

In the new Dazed 1:1:1:1 RSO, the entourage effect is highlighted with the addition of other major cannabinoids renowned for their healing properties. Unlike typical RSO, where THC reigns supreme, this RSO blend has equal parts THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN; all near 20%/200mg. Because the THC is not dominating the blend, some of those other cannabinoids like CBD and CBG actually help mitigate the psychoactivity of the THC. This oil has much more mild psychoactive effects; a trait many people search out during their journey to healing. Besides mitigating some of the effects of THC, CBD and CBG are integral parts of pain relief. They both have been shown to help  reduce pain caused from inflammation, reduce nausea, as well as acting as antiproliferative agents working to keep cells regulated. These two cannabinoids, working in tangent with THC, can offer immense pain relief and healing for inner cellular conditions. CBN joins the group to offer sedation and relaxation, it’s even been shown to be a better sleep aid than THC in small doses.

As an activated cannabis oil (AOC), RSO can be used topically, orally, and although not recommended, can be smoked. Because of RSO’s antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, using the oil topically can help heal burns, cuts, scrapes, acne, toothaches, and skin disorders, all while cleaning the wound. To use topically, apply a small amount of oil to the target area, and if possible, cover with a bandage. Change out bandages every day and as frequent as needed depending on severity of the wound. RSO is incredibly viscous and sticky which allows it to adhere to skin very well. If using the product for a large area, you may want to mix the RSO with a binding agent, such as coconut oil. It should be noted that when used topically, RSO will not have a psychoactive effect. 

When using RSO orally, you have a couple of options. Placing a small rice-sized-grain under your tongue will allow for a sublingual absorption of the product, resulting in a quicker onset of the effect. However, if you ingest the RSO, the THC will be converted into a somewhat stronger THC molecule that will have a longer duration in effect. Either option is a great way to aid with sleeplessness, muscle aches, digestive issues, terminal diseases, and general well-being. It’s high levels of THC have even been shown to rigorously attack cancer cells; which is what prompted Rick Simpson to create this healing oil. For patients battling with cancer, Rick recommends a 60/90 program, where users will start building a tolerance with RSO until they are able to consume 60g of oil in 90 days. For full dosage guidelines from Rick himself, check out

On the other hand, micro-dosing RSO consistently has been shown to help the regulation of chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Many people choose to ingest RSO by making edibles. Unlike other oils, no heat is necessary to activate the cannabinoids in RSO. This allows for users to mix RSO into any food without having to bake. If you should choose to bake, it’s important to monitor the temperature, not letting it rise above 300F. It should be noted RSO has a very strong flavor which is a turn off for some people, however mixing it into a frosting, sauce, or dressing will mask the flavor nicely.

As mentioned, although you can smoke RSO, it’s not recommended. The high concentration of plant matter, which is what makes the product so dark, also leads to a stronger taste and harsher smoke. Many people attempt to dab RSO, but this is just a quick way to ruin your nail. If you do choose to smoke RSO, a joint or blunt is your best option. 

Other than the cannabinoid breakdown, the new 1:1:1:1 RSO is the same lovable Dazed Full Spectrum RSO you can find in a full THC or 1:1 THC:CBD variety. Each variation will be better suited for different types of healing and different types of folks. I’m particularly excited for this product because of the new doors it will open; being less psychoactive means it’s less intimidating to a lot of people. I urge anyone using cannabis medically to learn more about RSO; ask your budtenders, read the testimonials, do the research. As an incredibly healing and cost effective method of consumption, I recommend this product more than anything. Chances are, RSO could help improve your well-being.

Emily Koehler
Call Center Manager

At 27 Emily Koehler is already a cannabis industry veteran. This hardcore cannabis enthusiast and aficionado is looking to break the negative stigma attached to the industry & show that it is full of compassionate people that are working hard to improve others’ quality of life. Emily is also known as the “Queen of Blunts” by her friends and loves pet weasels.