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How An Idea to Help a Friend Turned into a New Standard of Quality.

With so many options on the market, choosing which cartridge to try can be an overwhelming task. There are so many brands, styles, and strains that it can be hard to know who to trust. Whether you’re a cannabis veteran or someone looking to start out for the first time, finding a vape that works best will require some trial and error, but why not skip a few steps and take advice from the professionals when we tell you about Select cartridges.

Creating a cartridge that holds to the highest standards of testing, safety, quality, and taste is exactly what Select has been setting standards for in the industry. Select was co-founded in Portland, Oregon by Cameron Forni, who was determined to help his friend who was suffering from an awful cough. The culprit of the cough? The vape cartridges he was smoking. With research it was found that many of the cartridges on the market at the time weren’t made with quality oil or hardware. That’s when Cameron went on to make it his mission to create the best hardware possible. He found that silica fiberglass and plexiglass wicks were the cause of his friend’s cough and needed to replace those parts to improve the overall quality. On the quest to offer an alternative that wasn’t as harsh, he discovered that Japanese organic cotton was a safer and smoother option and went forward with his design. Using this new hardware, the cartridge that Cameron designed, with his friend’s health in mind, now makes up for 90% of the hardware used on the market.

For full transparency, if you were to break down the hardware of a Select cartridge, you’d find: an all organic unbleached Japanese cotton wick, ceramic core heating element that’s unique with a 2:1 pull-to-refill, and high end distillate oil. The ceramic coil ensures the heat is being evenly distributed without overheating the oil and burning the terpenes and cannabinoids. Additionally, the 2:1 pull-to-refill standard means that the cartridge is re-filling twice as fast as the hit is inhaled, creating a smooth and even pull each time. Select went out on a mission to make a clean and safe option for the masses, and that’s just what they did. Even more, Select cartridges have less than a .1% failure rate across the board due to the passion and intention to detail that went into the design.

Select’s quality starts with the hardware of the cartridge itself, but that’s only part of the equation. Each cartridge contains broad spectrum oil, which means that you’re receiving an oil that is pure THC plus one other cannabinoid introduced, like CBD. This encourages the entourage effect! The entourage effect is when cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) and terpenes (what gives cannabis it’s scent and flavor) work together to enhance the effect of one another. Imagine a group of friends, each friend has their own important and unique qualities on their own, but when they come together and vibe off one another, the energy is electric! It’s the same thing with cannabis! 

Along with that broad spectrum oil, each cartridge uses cannabis-derived terpenes for flavor. Some cartridges on the market are made with botanical terpenes as opposed to cannabis derived terpenes. What makes these two different though, is the source itself. For example, botanical terpenes are derived from non-cannabis plants, fruits, and flowers, while cannabis derived terpenes are sourced directly from cannabis itself. This means that when you see a Select Skywalker OG cartridge, you can expect that cartridge to taste and smell similar to if you were smoking Skywalker OG flower. Whereas, botanical terpenes will offer flavor, but it’s not going to be strain-specific flavor. And you guessed it, those cannabis derived terpenes play into that “entourage effect”! This means that some may find that they may need to smoke less to reach the desired effect they’re looking for with a broad spectrum cannabis derived terpene cartridge as opposed to a distillate and botanical terpene one.

As Select came to the recreational market in Michigan, a market well known for it’s educated consumers and quality taste, they brought their high standards with them, pushing other operators in Michigan to raise their standards for testing across the board. This type of competition ensures that the Michigan market will remain known for its quality and compassion for the plant. If you find yourself looking for a high-end cartridge that offers a smooth, clean, and strain-specific taste, Select is a fantastic option. And if you’re not interested in vaping, but appreciate the passion and quality that goes into the Select brand, their 200mg THC tincture offers a great alternative! Either way, when you choose Select, you choose quality.

Written by: Samantha Baker,
Cannabis Specialist


Passionate about cannabis, Samantha is one of the friendly voices that will greet you when you call into Breeze. Her favorite part of being in the cannabis industry is the ability to offer customers one-on-one support to make sure they are receiving the best product possible for themselves and their loved ones. She lives in Metro Detroit with her husband and three fur babies (who all love cannabis too!)


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