The Best Michigan Cannabis Edibles – Chocolate Edition: Our Top 6!

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With the recent re-popularity of Willy Wonka (we see you, Timothee Chalamet!), we couldn’t help ourselves from exploring cannabis chocolate near me. At BREEZE, our team loves when a new chocolate Michigan cannabis edible hits our shelves as an excuse to taste-test it for our valued customers (he he!). 


Not only do chocolate bar edibles serve as a smoking alternative, but they also serve as a gummy alternative. As many of the Michigan cannabis edibles you’ll find today are gummy or fruity based. 


So are you here looking for something different when it comes to your edible routine? This is the list for you! Learn more about the benefits of chocolate bar edibles, and get the BREEZE team’s picks for the top 6 chocolate Michigan cannabis edibles to try. 


Why Choose Chocolate Bar Edibles? 

If you’re a regular edible consumer, either for health reasons or personal reasons, the same old gummy can get pretty boring. Luckily, the types of Michigan cannabis edibles that are available on the market today are ever growing. And today, include more cannabis chocolate bar edibles than ever before. 


Even better? There are true health benefits from dark chocolate – no cap (or lie, for those who aren’t Gen-z!). Consumers are finding they can boost their wellness routines by consuming THC infused dark chocolate. Not only do they gain the benefits of THC and cannabis, but they also gain dark chocolate’s antioxidant traits that prove to improve heart health. 


Hey, the more you know, the better you can feel! So, are you interested in adding the benefits of chocolate bar edibles to your elevated routines? Let’s get into our BREEZE team’s picks for the top 6 Michigan cannabis edibles – chocolate edition.


Our Top 6 Picks: Cannabis Chocolate Near Me 

From chocolate bar edibles to edible “dots,” caramels, and beyond – the Willy Wonka’s of Michigan cannabis edibles are getting their creative on! If you want to take part in these pleasures and wonders, this list is for you. 


Keep reading for our picks of the top 6 chocolate Michigan cannabis edibles. 


Dream Edibles Potdots Milk Chocolate

Kicking off our list is the funnest Michigan cannabis edible around – Potdots by Dream Edibles. This Milk Chocolate variety is certainly dreamy, with its poppable nature and creamy, smooth taste. What we love most about Potdots is their microdosing capabilities. Every “dot” is 1 mg, so you can essentially choose your number and fine-tune your dose to the MG. Whether that’s just a few or a couple handfuls, Potdots enhance the edible experience not just with their fun nature but with quality ingredients too. 


Dream Edibles Potdots Dark Chocolate

Speaking of dark chocolate benefits, and one of our favorite Michigan cannabis edibles, why not combine the two? Introducing Dream Edibles Potdots in Dark Chocolate, which offer all the same microdosing fun with a rich, dark chocolate taste. Get Potdots in dark chocolate or milk chocolate in two different sizes – a bag to share or an individual 10 count tube for enjoying on your own. 


Dream Edibles – Chocolate Coated Caramels 


A new launch from Dream Edibles, the brand recently took their signature sea salt caramels and coated them in their same quality Belgian milk chocolate and dark chocolate too. Talk about an indulgent and luscious way to eat your way to a buzz! Every Dream Edible caramel, chocolate coated or not, is an ideal 10 MG to enjoy on its own, or with multiple if you can’t get enough. 


MKX White Chocolate Bar 


MKX is a popular extracts brand that you likely recognize from their collection of vapes, concentrates, flower, and now even edibles, too. While we dig their gummies too, the MKX White Chocolate Bar might be the G.O.A.T. of them all. Insanely sweet, creamy, smooth, and satisfying, there’s no bad aftertaste and all pleasure with this chocolate bar edible. Making it ideal for edible beginners! 


MKX Milk Chocolate Bar

If you prefer something more traditional, then go for MKX’s Milk Chocolate Bar instead. Every MKX chocolate bar, despite its variety, contains either 10 pieces with a total of 100 MG or 200 MG for easily dose-able bites. Find your “sweet spot” with a half of a bite, a whole bite, or multiple bites, and enjoy every second of exploring! 


MKX Dark Chocolate Bar


Last but not least, the Dark Chocolate Bar edible from MKX is equally as good as the brand’s other varieties. Dig a more rich flavor, or want the additional benefits we previously mentioned? Pick up a MKX Dark Chocolate Bar from BREEZE – or try all three at once, and you be the judge of which is your fav! 


Cannabis Chocolate Near Me: At BREEZE 

Now that you’ve taken a trip through the magical world of cannabis chocolate near me at BREEZE…what are you waiting for? Get your Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on with your buzz! Shop this list of our favorite chocolate Michigan cannabis edibles, or browse our entire collection of tasty, THC-infused treats, now. 


BREEZE makes your elevated wellness routines a breeze, with convenient online shopping for pickup or delivery. Simply browse our current stock online, take your time specially selecting what suits your preferences, and select either at checkout. 


Prefer an in-store experience? Our friendly team of canna-specialists would love to say “high”. Visit us in Hazel Park, and don’t forget – no matter how you shop, sign up for Club BREEZE to earn points with every buy! 

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