The Top 4 Live Resin Michigan Cannabis Edibles – The Ultimate Guide!

We recently covered the benefits and top live resin vape cartridges in Metro Detroit, but the elevated weed movement goes beyond puff, puff, passing. Now, Michigan cannabis consumers are increasingly seeking more sophisticated experiences when it comes to their edibles, too. That means the demand for live resin edibles is on the rise. 

So, what are live resin edibles, how are they different from others, and what are the top choices from Michigan edible companies here in Metro Detroit? You know, Breeze has the deets. Keep reading for our ultimate guide to live resin edibles, including our top favorites to try first. 

What are Live Resin Edibles 

First things first: what is live resin? Live resin is a unique cannabis extract that’s made from fresh, frozen flower, versus flower that’s been dried or cured. So, what’s the difference for consumers? When the flower is harvested and immediately frozen, it is said to capture and keep the plant at its freshest. 

So, if you’ve ever smelled a plant or entered a grow room that’s just about to be harvested – expect to taste that aroma and flavor. Otherwise, the flower or buds are typically dried and cured, to remove moisture for lighting and inhalation. This drying and curing phase can alter the plant’s natural expression of terpenes, meaning it may lose its natural flavor over time. 

In fact, looking at data from right here in Michigan published by High Times – live resin can contain 2% more “monoterpenes” versus non-live concentrates. 

So what are the benefits of consuming live resin edibles? 

  • You can experience “strain-specific” effects, similar to smoking a bowl of the same strain. Versus a standard “hybrid” or “sativa” or “indica” buzz most THC gummies in Michigan deliver. 
  • Live resin edibles often contain more terpenes, which can heighten the “entourage effect” or the phenomenon of cannabinoids (like THC) and terpenes amplifying one another’s effects. AKA, providing a more profound or intense buzz. 

Now that you know more about what live resin edibles are, and the benefits of seeking out Michigan cannabis edibles with live resin…Let’s get into our favorites to try in the state! 

The Top 4 Live Resin Edibles in Metro Detroit 

If you want to experience the cannabis plant to the fullest with Michigan cannabis edibles, here are our favorites that you can find on our Metro Detroit dispensary menu. 

Cannalicious Live Resin Edibles – Grape Stomper 

You can’t go wrong with the brand Cannalicious, and any of the THC gummies in Michigan, they produce. However, our favorites by far are the brand’s live resin edibles – especially the Grape Stomper and Strawberry Runtz varieties. Both varieties are high-dose in nature for veteran consumers or beginners beware – you’ll want to half or quarter each bite. 

Kiva Lost Farms Live Resin Edibles – Citrus Spritz

Kiva is one of the most iconic edible producers, known nationwide, so of course they produce one of our favorite live resin edibles. Their “Lost Farms” collection offers a variety of flavors, but we find the hybrid, Citrus Spritz to be the perfect invigorating bite to get your spirits going! Citrus Spritz is made from the strain “Lilac Diesel” which offers gassy notes, with hints of fruity florals and features a pine and citrus spice finish.

MKX Live Hash Rosin Gummies – Peanut Butter Gelato

Peanut Butter Gelato? Yes please! MKX’s line of Live Hash Rosin gummies offers the benefits of “live” fresh frozen extracts, but is “rosin” versus “resin”. That means, the extract is solventless in nature, and uses no “solvents” to extract the oils from the plant – only heat and pressure, which is popular among consumers seeking out “clean weed”. Even better, the MKX Live Hash Rosin Gummies are fast-acting in nature, so you won’t have to wait up to an hour or more for the effects to fully kick in. 

The 8th by White Boy Rick Live Resin Gummies – Apple Orchard

Last but not least, we couldn’t conclude our list without highlighting Detroit’s own White Boy Rick, and his brand The 8th, who are now making THC gummies in Michigan. The live resin gummies come in a variety of flavors, but Apple Orchard has a special Pure Michigan fall taste and is one of our favorites for sure. Like MKX, these too are fast-acting, adding an additional benefit to each tasty bite. 

Finding Live Resin Edibles Near You 

When you want to make the most of your plant wellness routines, it’s helpful to find a cannabis retail store that consistently has the best options in stock. So, consider yourself in the right spot and make Breeze your go-to Detroit dispensary menu to shop for live resin edibles and more. 

At Breeze, it’s our mission to serve the Michigan cannabis community with the most versatile selection of cannabis goods, and exemplary customer service to make shopping for weed that much easier. We not only offer Detroit edibles delivery to nearby areas, but also offer convenient store pick-up, and in-store shopping with help from our friendly canna specialists. 

So, elevate the way you shop for your elevated experiences and make healing a Breeze. Sign up for our Club Breeze rewards program now to earn points every time you shop, and begin browsing our online menu now! 

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