Who is Clout King? Find out with our Top 5 Favorite Strains to Try!

In cannabis, there are just some brands that reign supreme. Taking one of those spots on the throne, is none other than Clout King. The nationwide brand is taking Michigan by storm with its iconic Clout King Terdz strain, and other exotic genetics. In fact, they’re a brand that offers a royal weed experience for any type of preference, with high quality flower, concentrates, and vapes, to choose from. 

So, if you’re a Clout King newbie, where should you start, and what should you know about the brand? We’re answering those questions and more with all the deets on Clout King the brand, plus the top 5 Clout King strains and Clout products to try in Metro Detroit at Breeze

Keep reading to get in the know! 


Who is the Clout King? 


You might recognize Clout King from its logo, which not only adorns a signature crown but a cool pair of shades too. This perfectly encapsulates Clout King’s goal in not only offering top-shelf products fit for royalty but also those that are exotic and hip for rising cannabis consumer generations. 


The brand’s packaging is loud, with cheeky and sometimes nostalgic designs, like its Airheadz and Terdz (think Nerds!) strains. Isaiah Dawid, the current president of the company, hit on Clout King’s stance and mission to “speak the truths of the cannabis industry through humor, irony, and satire.” 


Quickly, Clout King has been able to spread these ideals across the US, serving cannabis communities in  California, Michigan, Washington, Oregon, and Oklahoma. So, now that you know more about who Clout King is, let’s get into our favorite products to try right here in Metro Detroit from Breeze. 


The Top 5 Clout King Strains and Clout Products to Try 


Don’t worry, at Breeze we don’t make you go it alone! If you’re looking to become a Clout King connoisseur, here are our top five products to start with. 


Clout King Lemon Cherry Terdz


A take on the brand’s classic Terdz strain, Lemon Cherry Terdz is definitely one of our favorites for aroma, appearance, and effects. The strain is Lemon Cherry Gelato x Terdz, and produces big, bulbous buds that are eye-catching with hues of purple. Breaking up the nugs, your senses will ignite with bursts of bright citrus aromas that have rich hints of diesel and berry flavors in taste. As for its buzz, expect a long-lasting euphoria that’s well-balanced for any time of day. 


Clout King Terdz N Cream 2.0


Another take on the Clout King Terdz strain, is another one of our favorites, Terdz N Cream 2.0. The rare hybrid is a cross of Terdz x Why U Gelly, and serves up a mellow experience from start to finish. The Clout King strain boasts a complex aroma of cake, cream, gas, and lavender that will have you guessing (and wanting more!) with each puff. For effects, Terdz N Cream will mellow the body and mind, with relaxing and uplifting effects. 


Clout King Wagyu


Hard to find but worth the wait, Clout King Wagyu is one of the brand’s most highly sought after strains. Named for the luxury piece of meat (on the packaging too!) Wagyu will have your mouth watering for more. Clout King Wagyu is a cross of Meat Breath (AKA Mendo Breath) x Lemon Cherry Terdz for candy and gassy notes that’s unique in flavor, aroma, and effects. 


Clout King Live Hash Rosin Clout Face


Another rare phenotype, Clout Face, is available in a live hash rosin concentrate to enjoy Clout King’s quality in one of the cleanest and purest ways. Made without solvents, you’ll enjoy the flavors of Clout King strains to the fullest with their earthy, piney, fruity, and berry notes. Since it’s a concentrate, you can expect a potent buzz that’s full-bodied in nature from an abundance of terpenes, and the entourage effect. 


Clout King Live Hash Rosin Cart Clout Face


Prefer to take your concentrates with you on the go? Enjoy Clout King’s Clout Face live hash rosin in a vape cart instead. Whether you’re hitting the vape, or dabbing Clout Face, it relaxes the body, soothes stresses, and inspires the mind with euphoric good feels! 


Finding Clout King Strains in Metro Detroit 


Ready to try Clout King for yourself? At Breeze, we make finding the highest quality brands and purchasing them that much easier. Not only are our stocks shelved with some of the most iconic brands, like Clout King, but we offer exemplary service for online and in-store purchases. Simply add your items to your cart, select pick-up or delivery, and get the Clout King treatment in no time. 


Get these Clout King products and more at Breeze – and don’t forget! Sign up for Club Breeze Rewards to earn points with every purchase you make and save on the weed you need. Stay tuned for more educational guides, and make Breeze your one-stop-shop for all things cannabis. 


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