The Top 5 Fello Cannabis Strains to Try – Find at Breeze!

There’s nothing that catches the eye more than the clean, aesthetically pleasing branding of Fello Cannabis. Even better, what’s inside the packaging is just as clean and elevating for the senses, a.k.a. the brand’s premium flower.

Fello Cannabis is quickly becoming one of the most highly sought after flower among Michigan cannabis consumers. Why? With Fello, it’s more than meets the eye! That’s why we did a deep dive on the up-and-coming Michigan cannabis cultivator to learn just why you should add the brand to your wellness routines (if you haven’t already!). 

So, keep reading for our ultimate guide to Fello Cannabis, along with the Breeze team’s top 5 strains, to get to know the brand that much better. 

Who is Fello Cannabis? 

Fello Cannabis puts it simply and bluntly: Their team “believes cannabis has the power to relieve people and revive communities.” To honor this mission, their founders, who left the corporate world to pursue their dreams, work tirelessly to change the way cannabis is perceived, personally and professionally. 

To do so, the founders built a state-of-the art facility in a remote town located in southwestern Michigan and have since created 50 jobs. From the founders, to farmers, to trimmers, they’ve cultivated a collective passion or “fellowship” for the plant and believe that “when cannabis is grown with love, you can taste the difference in every bud.” 

In the end, the brand sets out to defy stigmas and grow weed they’d want to smoke – which is best described as “vibrant and clean”. With this in mind, and profession experience in their background, the brand has quickly expanded its product collection from flower, to a variety of consumables including – 

  • Pre-rolls
  • Infused pre-rolls
  • Vape carts
  • Concentrates
  • Jumbo joints

To add to its status, the brand’s vape carts are all made with premium live resin, which is a specialty extract made from fresh frozen material. That means consumers can enjoy the plant’s flavor at the peak of its freshness and experience single-strain effects! 

Now that you know more about Fello, the brand, let’s get to know Fello cannabis, the strains, and products! 

The Top 5 Fello Cannabis Strains to Try 

While you can rest assured that anything you choose from Fello is sure to offer a vibrant experience and flavor, here are our team’s top 5 favorites to try first. 

Lion OG

Lion OG is a hybrid strain that offers consumers an invigorating citrus and spicy pepper flavor. It’s a strain that’s popular among medical consumers for its potential ability to relieve muscles, and reduce stress, day or night. Grown right by Fello, the Breeze team can’t get enough of these big, bulbous buds that burst with an energizing buzz and refreshing aroma! 

Sour Slushy

Sour Slushy is an aromatic strain that smells like zesty citrus and is perfect for the summer in pure Michigan. Simply open up the jar, inhale, and enjoy the sweet and sour aromas before you break up the glistening, sticky-icky buds. With moderate levels of THC, this strain is ideal for veterans and beginners alike. 

Lemon Swirl 

Not surprisingly, Lemon Swirl is one of Fello’s brightest flavors. It offers consumers a pungent citrus flavor, rich in lemon and lime, that’s reminiscent of good summer vibes and tranquility. We love the Lemon Swirl pre-rolls that save us the work of rolling our own, and delivers the same clear-headed and clean buzz that elevates your state of mind! 

Wedding Cake 

It seems everyone is cultivating Wedding Cake nowadays, as it quickly becomes a cannabis community staple. But Fello takes the Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies cross to all new heights with its love-backed cultivation methods, producing an eye-catching and aromatic variety in sweet, and spicy scents. Again, available in pre-rolls or flower, Fello’s Wedding Cake has high THC and offers a euphoric high that’s calming and relaxing. 

Fello SodaPot Vape Cart – Orange

As a nod to their home state of Michigan, Fello’s SodaPot Vape Cart line pays homage to pop icon Faygo. This live resin cart bursts with bright orange flavors, and offers a well-rounded, profound high that’s potent in THC. 

Shop Fello and More at Breeze 

Now that you’ve read our very own Fello Cannabis reviews, it’s likely you’re ready to try some yourself. Don’t worry, we’ve got you at Breeze. Not only will Breeze keep you up to date with the hottest Michigan brands, but we strive to keep the biggest variety stocked on our shelves, too! 

So stop in one of our cannabis retail stores near you in Hazel Park or Battle Creek, and shop Michigan’s finest. Like Fello Cannabis, and the strains we’ve listed here! In addition, to a wide range of products, from edibles to concentrates, vape carts, pre-rolls, and more. 

Before you go, place an order online for delivery or pick-up, and don’t forget! Sign up for Club Breeze to earn rewards every time you shop.

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