Get to Know Godflower Detroit: The Top 5 Strains to Try!

Take me to church, because it’s time to sing the praises of The Godflower! The Godflower Michigan cannabis cultivators are growing their family fast, picking up fans across the Metro Detroit area. Why? Because the brand’s sole mission is to provide elite cannabis to the OGs of the local cannabis community! 

Today, they’re doing so by not only serving up exotic genetics but the best versions possible of each. Want to learn more about The Godflower Detroit family and how you can join them? Keep reading for our ultimate guide to Godflower THC, and our top strains to buy and try from Breeze

The Story Behind Godflower Detroit 

The Godflower was founded by OGs, for OGs, and is dedicated to producing premium cannabis after years of prohibition. As they describe themselves, their founders are legacy growers who were “in the shadows; paying dues, fighting the establishment, and pushing the boundaries of societal norms” prior to legalization. 

In 2023, they’ve officially made their mark on the scene giving back to the community they love and want to personally improve! Showing ultimate respect to the plant, The Godflower team works with extreme care for the highest quality result. In addition, they regularly pheno-hunt (find new genetics!) to bring one of the most unique collections of strains in the game. 

Now that you know more about The Godflower as a brand, we know what you’re here for. Let’s get into our favorite Godflower THC strains to try in Metro Detroit with our recommendations, next. 

The Top 5 Godflower Detroit Strains to Try 

Not sure where to start with Godflower’s eclectic collection of premium cannabis? Here’s the Breeze team’s top 5 favorite strains to add to your “must-try” list! 

Acai Cookies 

Love a good fruity dessert? Then Godflower Detroit’s Acai Cookies is for you! This flower perfectly delivers a refreshing berry flavor, with rich undertones of fresh baked goodies from its cookies lineage. The well-balanced hybrid also offers an energetic, yet relaxing buzz, that’s perfect for afternoon seshes. 

Detroit Runtz 

A rare Runtz variety, Godflower’s Detroit Runtz has moderate levels of THC around 20% making it ideal for all-day consumers, and beginners alike. The purple flower has major bag appeal, is coated with frosty trichomes and bursts with a fruity , candy-like aroma. As for effects, you can expect an uplifting euphoria that smooths out into total relaxation. 

Apples N’ Bananas 

This strain will have you singing the classic song from your childhood, as you fill with glee and delight! Godflower’s Apples N’ Bananas is not just potent, it’s pungent with crisp scents of apple and sweet soothing aromas of bananas, too. Apples N’ Bananas is a favorite strain of medical consumers for its uplifting benefits for anxiety, and depression, and leaves you feeling giddy with its euphoric effects. 

Blue Gushers

With cookies, and kush lineage, you know Blue Gushers brings the fire! The trending strain throws you back to the nostalgic fruit snacks you loved as a kid, and makes you feel just as carefree with its effects. Godflower’s variety is the cream of the crop, featuring gorgeous dense buds that have a hint of purple and blue. Aroma-wise, Blue Gushers offers tropical notes that are sweet, fruity and sour, and is the perfect nighttime strain to unwind and relax. 


Last but not least, is Godflower Detroit’s version of Oreoz. This indica-dominant hybrid is another nighttime go-to, that delivers long-lasting effects to ease your mind of everyday stresses! It’s flavor is the perfect late night sweet treat, with tastes of rich chocolate, nuttiness, and even a hint of classic diesel for the gassiness you crave. Let us warn you! The strain is known for delivering a mad case of the munchies, you might want to prepare for beforehand. 

Shopping Godflower Detroit & Top Brands at Breeze 

At Breeze, it’s our mission to serve the cannabis community with premium cannabis too! That’s why we offer one of the most eclectic collections of Michigan (and nationwide!) brands at our cannabis retail stores, including The Godflower. 

That means, you can not only count on Godflower Detroit to have the latest and greatest strains – but you can count on Breeze to have it in stock! 

Make Breeze your one-stop-shop for all things cannabis, where we make your wellness routines a breeze. From our educational guides, to convenient delivery or pick-up options, and Club Breeze rewards with every purchase – we elevate the way you elevate. 

Shop our shelves, online or in-person now! 

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