The First. The Original

The 1st Cannabis Distillate distributed in the legal marketplace is BACK!

Jan 2013 – Creation

Out of California, the 1st cannabis distillate is manufactured & distributed in the legal marketplace

April 2013 – Flavor

Steam-distilled plant extracts are formulated to flavor The Clear.

Feb 2014 – Trademark

The Clear name is trademarked in all markets. Later that year, Ed Rosenthal hails The Clear as the gold standard of cannabis extracts in his book “Beyond Buds.”

Jan 2015 – Sell

Demand for The Clear soars. A licensing program is launced to serve customers in other states.

2015 to Present – Expand

The Clear expands to AZ, CO, CA, WA, MI, OK & NV. The brand’s national presence continues to grow as more licensees join The Clear network.

April 2019 – Strategize

Clear Cannabis, Inc. is formed to provide global licensing of The Clear.

July 2020 – Excel

The Clear finishes the month as the BEST selling vape brand in Colorado.