The Top Five Goldkine Flower Strains You’ve Got to Try in Metro Detroit

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Goldkine has quickly risen through the ranks of Michigan cannabis and now reigns supreme when it comes to some of the finest flower. Designed for the cannabis connoisseurs of the Mitten state, a group of local friends collaborated with a team of experts to craft and cultivate the best of the best. 

Sitting on the iron throne of top-shelf cannabis, let’s get to know what makes Goldkine true royalty as Michigan’s premier luxury cannabis brand. Here, we’ll learn more about the brand behind the bud, how they operate for excellence, and the top five Goldkine cannabis strains to try. 

Who is Goldkine? 

Set in Warren, MI, Goldkine is focused on fulfilling the needs of the canna-curious and canna elite in Metro Detroit. A few friends with high hopes have turned into a reality summarized best by co-founder Jimmy Smith himself, who recently told Cannabis Now, “Legalization gave us the chance to start a business together, a dream we always had. The dream became Goldkine.”

Today, they operate one of the leading indoor cultivation facilities in the state and know that terps are where it’s at when it comes to a full-bodied elevated experience. Their genetic catalog consists of specifically bred strains for indoor cultivation that are chock-full of natural terpenes to improve the flower’s taste and buzz. The team carefully harvests each crop with a fine-tuned drying and curing process to preserve these delicate terpene profiles for a high-end end result. 

Knowing the struggle of finding good flower and products, consistently and conveniently, the brand has ‘carefully choreographed’ harvest schedules that ensure local dispos always have Goldkine goods on hand. Since emerging onto the scene, Goldkine has now expanded their product offerings to include vape carts, concentrates, and pre-rolls to deliver a taste of the high life no matter the consumer preference. 

Next, let’s learn more about the Goldkine goods that have helped the brand reach its position as the ‘gold standard’ of Michigan cannabis. 

The Top Five Goldkine Cannabis Goods to Try 

Enough talk – it’s time to try Goldkine cannabis Michigan residents and judge for yourselves if it lives up to the hype. To help you decide which to choose, we’ve put together our list of our favorite five Goldkine cannabis strains and concentrates to try. 

Goldkine Flower – MAC

MAC or Miracle Alien Cookies, has become one of the most popular strains of 2022 and is highly sought after for its complex flavors. So, it’s no surprise Goldkine keeps the strain in its collection. The strain’s buds are notoriously resin-coated and have a complex, pungent terpene profile of diesel, spice, and sour citrus notes for consumers to enjoy. Effect-wise, MAC is beloved for its evenly balanced hybrid nature as a go-to for day or night. 

Goldkine Flower – Mochi Gelato Jar 

Another premium perk that Goldkine offers Michigan cannabis consumers is their highly coveted ½ ounce jars which are a work of art in themselves. Available in a variety of strains, one of our favorites is Mochi Gelato AKA Gelato 47 which tastes as good as it looks. As the cross of Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, the flower is slightly indica dominant in effects and has spicy, herbal, and invigorating flavors. 

Goldkine Pre-Rolls – Banana Bread 

If you appreciate the luxury of not having to roll your own joints, then, of course, Goldkine’s got you covered with a lineup of pre-rolls. The pre-rolls have the brand’s signature touch of gold on the filter and come in a handy case for carrying and storage. One of our favorite pre-roll variety is Banana Bread, which is an up and coming strain and rich in the ripe flavors of banana, berries, and a baked-like sweetness. 

Goldkine Cured Resin Cartridge – Pink Runtz 

Goldkine’s cured resin cartridges are where the brand’s terpene profiles truly shine. This Pink Runtz edition is rich in candy and desert-like in flavors thanks to its Zkittlez x Gelato lineage and Goldkine’s premium extraction processes. As for effects, this evenly balanced 50/50 indica to sativa hybrid is the perfect treat to carry with you day or night for blissful and stress-relieving effects when you need them the most. 

Goldkin x RKive Hash Rosin – Pineapple Phantom 

If you’re a dab connoisseur, add a golden touch to your concentrate collection with Goldkine x RKive’s Hash Rosin in Pineapple Phantom. The elusive and rare strain is hailed as one of the tastiest on the market today, and this pure, unrefined rosin delivers its robust flavors of pine and sweet floral. Ideal for daytime use, this energetic sativa hybrid will lift you into a heightened euphoria with a hint of relaxation. 

Goldkine Cannabis Michigan Style – The Final Word 

As one of the top-selling cannabis markets in the US, Michigan consumers know what’s good when it comes to weed, and Goldkine cannabis is doing it best. From their luxury packaging to premium products, you’ll feel like canna royalty with Goldkine from purchase to puff. Enhance your experience that much more by shopping the extensive collection of Goldkine cannabis found at Breeze
Now open in Battle Creek and Hazel Park, Breeze exists to deliver the higher and finer things in life – like good weed and impeccable service. Place your order online for pick up or delivery, or stop in to meet our friendly team, who are ready to serve your unique and personal needs. Make life a breeze and shop Michigan cannabis, like Goldkine, at Breeze now!

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