Gelato Strains Near You: Ultimate Guide & Top 7 Strains to Try!

The west coast meets the east coast with the rising popularity of Gelato strains in Metro Detroit.   

Even though Gelato was first cultivated in Northern Cali, here in the D – you scream, I scream, we’re all screaming for Gelato strains. 

Gelato comes to us as a tasty hybrid cross of two infamous strains themselves: – Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. Originating out of the San Fran area, Gelato was bred from a robust bank of genetics that all stemmed from the Cookies lineage. 

Are you on the lookout for gelato strains or want to learn more about the lineage’s unique traits and benefits? Keep reading for Breeze’s ultimate guide to Gelato strains and all the down-low on their effects, taste, potency, and more. 

Meet the Gene: Gelato 

The Gelato we know and love today is also known as Gelato #33 (its phenotype # assigned by the breeder), and Larry Bird (sorry Joe Dumars, fans!). In the modern world of legalized weed, Gelato strains are highly sought after for their sherbert and cookie-fueled aromas, well-balanced hybrid effects, moderate THC levels, and, of course, their bag appeal, too. 

Before we get into where you can find ‘Gelato strains near me’ in Metro Detroit, let’s learn more about the traits that have the gene trending – 

  • Aroma and taste – As expected from its lineage, Gelato is the perfect combination of sweet, creamy cookie flavors, with a hint of sherbet-like fruitiness. 
  • Effects – When it comes to effects, first and foremost, Gelato is a slightly indica dominant hybrid with a ratio of 55:45 indica to sativa traits. That means its effects are well-suited for daytime or nighttime use and won’t have you couch-locked like some other powerful indicas or hybrids. Consumers describe Gelato strains’ effects as fast-acting with highs that often begin with a quick rush of euphoria. Shortly after, a comfortable body buzz sets in that helps you feel uplifted and relaxed from head to toe and is ideal for socializing, festivals, or concerts to stimulate conversation and introspection. Last but not least, gelato strains range from 20-25% for a well-tolerated yet potent experience. 
  • Appearance – Gelato strain buds are notorious for being dense, sticky-icky, and showing off the wide range of colors that cannabis plants can produce. The nugs aren’t total purps, but have a deep, rich green color, with sprinkles of purple and vibrant orange pistils, too. 

Like any famous strain (think Blue Dream, Durban Poison or Skunk), Gelato has been cross-bred over the years to produce hybrids containing its lineage with one mission in mind. improving certain traits, or producing a whole new Gelato variety for consumers to enjoy. We’ll cover some of the best next. 

The Top 7 Gelato Strains Near Me in Metro Detroit 

Whether you’re new to Gelato or a long-time fan, finding local dispensaries that carry the strain and strains from its lineage can be easier said than done due to its popularity. To help, here are some of the freshest Gelato strains in Metro Detroit and hybrids of the genetic to try. 

Gelato Sorbet

Gelato Sorbet AKA Sherbet Gelato is a cross of Gelato #33 x Sorbet. The hybrid stuns on first sight with its deeper purple hues than the original strain, but offers the same dank and fruity scent profile. A rarity on the shelves today, Gelato Sorbet offers an energizing and blissful high that you can experience with Goldkline’s Gelato Sorbet Jar, found and sold at Breeze. 

Divine Gelato #3 x Apex

Divine Gelato #3 x Apex delivers a more indica-dominant high for those who love the gelato strain’s flavors but prefer more calming and relaxing effects. Of course, if you want to taste Gelato’s flavor in its purest form, a live resin concentrate offers the freshest, most pungent flavors and contains the most potent levels of THC. To try it yourself, add Divine Gelato #3 x Apex cured resin from Element to your cart at Breeze now. 

Gelato #33

As you know, Gelato #33 is the OG phenotype chosen by the source breeders as the best of the best. As the original, it’s the most widely available Gelato strain and is often found in flower, pre-rolls, and Gelato strain cartridges, too. In fact, you can even try Gelato #33 from a company with Cali roots, with Baby Jeeter’s 5 pack of pre-rolls or stick close to home with Michigan’s own Church Cannabis vape carts

White Cherry Gelato 

The cross of Gelato x White Cherry gives us the hybrid, White Cherry Gelato which offers the same equal balance of indica and sativa traits. Uniquely, the Gelato strain has a creamy and nutty peanut butter flavor with undertones of fruitiness, mint, pine, and spice, too. The dynamic taste is followed by uplifting and relaxing vibes that users report will numb your mind from everyday stresses and your body from aches and pains. Try the White Cherry Gelato strain from one of our fav local cultivators, Duffle Bag Boyz, here. 

Black Cherry Gelato 

The Black Cherry Gelato strain is gaining notoriety amongst the cannabis community, but surprisingly does not contain genetics from the Gelato lineage. Instead, it’s a cross of Black Cherry Funk x Acai which offers the same fruity taste, potent THC levels, and well-balanced hybrid effects you’d expect from Gelato, hence its name. If your mouth is watering to try it regardless, we’d recommend Deeper Roots Live Resin for elevated, flavor-packed dabs. 

Ice Cream Cake 

With Ice Cream Cake, you can have your cake with Gelato too! This strain combines Wedding Cake x Gelato #33 for indica-dominant purple nugs that are more sedating than the original gelato strain and have bakery-like aromas to enjoy. No need to search ‘ice cream cake strain near me’, when Breeze offers a variety of products with the genetic and others from its lineage, too. Featuring Michigan’s own Aunt Sparkie’s Ice Cream Cake offerings with the brand’s pre-rolls, flower, or solventless live rosin cartridges


Offering a tour of european sweet treats, Gelatti is the flavorful cross of Gelato x Biscotti. Once a strain only found in Cali, Gelatti has finally made its way to Michigan from Hyman Cannabis. Which offers Gelatti in its premium pre-rolls that come equipped with a glass tip for a smooth and top-shelf experience, fit for connoisseurs. The strain is notoriously sticky, has a gassy aroma, and delivers consumers the same equal indica to sativa effects, making it ideal for day or night. 

The Bottom Line – Gelato Strains in Metro Detroit 

If you’re searching for gelato strains near me in Metro Detroit, or other popular strains, we’ve got you at Breeze. From gelato strain cartridges to concentrates, flower, and pre-rolls, it’s key to choose a cannabis retailer that offers variety and exemplary service. 

With online ordering, and order pick-up it’s never been more of a breeze to get the cannabis you need to fuel your wellness routines. Shop these gelato strains and more on our website now, or stop in our storefront in Hazel Park for an in-person experience with our friendly cannabis specialists. 

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