The Top Six Clear Michigan Cartridges to Try and Where to Find Them!

In today’s world of weed, vaping is rising as one of the most popular consumption methods overall. It’s discreet, potent, and, most importantly, clear and clean, which is what more and more stoners are looking for. 

Enter the Clear, a brand founded by a team of scientists who sought to deliver this clarity and quality at an affordable price for all consumers to enjoy. The company emerged on the scene with one mission in mind: to reinvent the cannabis industry and offer high-quality oil to the masses.  

So far, they’ve been successful, expanding from the west coast to the east coast in just a few years. Not only that, but the Clear vape cartridge collection has been raking in awards along the way. 

Are you ready to join the Clear Cartridges Detroit craze? You know, Breeze is already ahead of the hype! Keep reading to learn more about Michigan Clear cartridges, including the top ones you should try and where to find them, too. 

The Story Behind The Clear Oil 

The makers of The Clear vape cartridges are industry pioneers. In business for ten years and counting, the group of California scientists takes pride in presenting the molecular distillation method to the legal cannabis market. Molecular distillation is the process of heating up the liquid or resin to its boiling point and separating parts of the mixture for removal. Most importantly, it facilitates the removal of compounds like chlorophyll that help improve quality overall. 

This process allows The Clear to provide a clear, smooth, safe, and potent oil with a great flavor. Based in Colorado, The Clear is licensed to sell cannabis goods in legal markets across the United States and now has many locations countrywide. In fact, the cartridge collection has raked in awards that praise just how high-quality it is. Some of these include:

  • The 2022 High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup third place winner for distillate vape pens – in Elite Lime Sorbet
  • The 2022 High Times Michigan Cannabis Cup third place winner for distillate vape pens – in Elite Grapevine. 
  • The 2021 High Times Michigan Cannabis Cup first place winner for recreational vapes – in Elite Blue Raz. 

Now, the brand has launched its TWAX-infused pre-roll line to give customers the best of both worlds with its top-quality flower and industry-leading oil. The Clear is also starting to sell gummies in some states, and it just released ENDO, a new line of elevated live resin cartridges. 

At Breeze, we strive to stock our shelves with the best of the best for our home state’s consumers to enjoy. That’s why we always have a wide selection of Michigan clear cartridges to choose from. For help deciding which to start with or try next, keep reading. 

The Top 6 Clear Michigan Cartridges You Have to Try 

Now for our own batch of awards, here’s the list of the top six Clear Michigan cartridges that need to be on your list. Each cart has medical-grade ceramic atomizers that have a low failure rate, an even draw, no burning taste, and make more vapor with every puff. 

The Clear Elite Cartridge Blue Raz – High Times Cup Winner 

Our Clear cartridge review for Elite Blue Raz is exemplary and aligns with the vape taking home a High Times cannabis cup. The potent and balanced hybrid vape cart has a bright, sweet, and vibrant fruit flavor that’ll throw you back to your childhood slushie cravings. 

The Clear Elite Cartridge Lime Sorbet – High Times Cup Winner

Another High Times Cup winner, The Clear Elite cartridge in Lime Sorbet, is a must-try, too. The slightly sativa-dominant hybrid will give you a burst of energy and has a sweet, smooth taste of lime and vanilla. 

The Clear Elite Cartridge Grapevine – High Times Cup Winner

The Clear Grapevine vape cartridge is the final High Times Cup winner on our list, and you’ll soon see why Michigan voted it one of the best in 2022. The hybrid is best used at night, and has a taste reminiscent of Grape Faygo, with a lingering lusciousness. 

The Clear ENDO Live Resin Cartridge Kush Mints/Blueberry

The Clear takes its quality up a notch with its live resin carts that are made from fresh, frozen flower. That means the strain’s flavor is at the peak of freshness, as shown by the pungent taste of Kush Mints x Blueberry in this Michigan Clear Cartridge Endo-edition. 

The Clear ENDO Live Resin Cartridge Orange Cookies/Orange Cream

Another must-try live resin cart from The Clear is Orange Cookies x Orange Cream, which boasts an invigorating, creamy, and tart orange flavor. The well-balanced hybrid is chock-full of natural terpenes for a pure taste and a full-bodied buzz. 

The Clear Classic Cartridges 2:1 THC:CBD

Back to the basics, The Clear’s classic cartridge offerings never go out of style, especially with a 2:1 ratio of THC:CBD for optimal balance. These Clear Michigan cartridges are specially infused with CBD isolate and come in a variety of strains, such as Lime Sorbet, Blue Raz, and Orange Cream

The Clear Cartridges Detroit – Where to Find Them 

As a rule, if you’re looking for the latest, greatest, or trendiest cannabis product, like The Clear vape cartridges, you can count on Breeze. Our stores in Battle Creek and Hazel Park always have a wide range of The Clear Michigan cartridges to meet the needs of every customer. 

In addition to the freshest drops, the most popular strains, and a helpful team to help you decide what’s right for you. Try these Michigan Clear Cartridges or other The Clear products (like those TWAX pre-rolls!) at a Breeze location near you. Order online for pick-up or delivery, or stop in to see our collection of premium Michigan brands, like The Clear, in person. 

Don’t forget – sign up for Club Breeze before you shop to start earning points to redeem for rewards. 

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