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Values in Action: Valor Craft Cannabis

“Sustainability, Integrity, Grit, Intentionally Inclusive.” These are the values behind the Valor
cannabis brand. A brand founded by Marine Corps veteran, James Brobyn, and shaped by
his experience in service to the United States. James’s story is a tale of hard work and bravery
that after 13 years in the military, inspired him to take his service for others in a different
direction…legal cannabis.
James started his career as a helicopter crew chief in the Marines. After just a short while, his
work ethic and determination made quite the impression on his senior pilots. He was awarded
an appointment to the naval academy, a feat not easily accomplished. To receive this honor at
such an early stage in his career was a defining moment. His appointment was not only the
result of his hard work, but also because others in a position of power saw a spark and wanted
to foster that; an act of compassion that changed his life overnight. After the empowerment he
received from others believing in and encouraging him, he knew he wanted to do exactly that
for everyone he could. Once he graduated in 2004, he was commissioned back into the Marine
Corps as an infantry officer and sent to Iraq to fight for his country until 2008. During his
deployment, James faced a multitude of hardships, including an I.E.D. explosion where James
was not only wounded, but lost one of his closest friends and driver, Shane Harris. After
recovering, James returned to the Corps for a short time before his retirement in 2008 where
he was awarded a Purple Heart.
After arriving back home, James started a position with The Travis Manning Foundation as the
executive director. TMF is a vertern serving, non-profit that works with veterans and veteran
families to empower and support them in life after service. Their focus is to build a community
of character-driven individuals in order to unite communities; a message already near and dear
to James’s heart. During his time there, the foundation grew from a few local chapters to a
nation wide foundation, helping thousands of families. Through this work with TMF, James was
able to get an insider’s view at what obstacles veterans face when they return from service; lack
of access to adequate healthcare, lack of mental health resources, and troubles with self-
medicating through alcohol. These factors motivated him to find a way to enhance the health
and quality of life for his military brothers and sisters through alternative medicine. James
started doing that with what he personally found to be life changing, cannabis. For James,
cannabis was a far healthier alternative than using alcohol, an issue he struggled with along
with most of his veteran friends. He saw alcohol breaking down his body, disrupting his sleep,

as well as leading to depressive thoughts. After he and his “study group” became medical
patients, he saw the quality of life for them all greatly increase. Prompted by the tangible
changes he saw around him, James decided to take cannabis a step further.
James entered the cannabis sphere in Toronto, working for a multi-national medical cannabis
company, integral in setting up a high volume manufacturing company. Afterwards, James
shifted gears to work in Colombia at their large-scale CBD cultivation center. Using this
experience and lessons learned, James brought his talents to the United States cannabis sector,
based in Michigan, with American Fiber Company, which imports and distributes high end CBD
and other hemp-based cannabinoid products. In order to continue to innovate and grow, James
set his next target on a THC product line, where he was able to secure a license in Michigan for
Valor Craft Cannabis. Valor’s motto is to do the right thing, even when it’s hard. A motto that
represents the character and courage one must have in order to succeed; a motto that holds
true for the military as well as the cannabis industry. Imperative for Michigan consumers, the
flower is grown with pride and love for the plant and its benefits. Currently Valor has the flower
line, CBD tincture, and pre-rolls on shelves, with live resin and high end infused pre-rolls next to
come. Aside from growing and producing high end products, Valor focuses on partnerships and
sponsorships that help veterans. One instance is their work with Sierra Delta, a charity that
pairs veterans with Life Buddies and helps veterans with resources on their journey to
obtaining a Service Dog. The delineation between a Life Buddy and Service Dog paves way for
those with the greatest, most complex needs to receive a Public Access Service Dog, yet allows
every veteran to benefit from a Life Buddy. The proceeds from the Valor CBD Tinctures go
directly to Sierra Delta to help fund the mission that goes hand in hand with Valor’s; provide
support and empowerment to struggling veterans looking to re-enter their communities.
The Michigan market is just the beginning of this brand, where the sky truly is the limit. Valor is
a brand of integrity, consistency, and compassion that focuses on building an intentionally
inclusive community. “No matter who you are, what color you are, what demographic you’re
coming from, or what income level you are, there’s a place for you here,” says Michigan sales
rep Taylor Hottenstein, a true example of the honor behind Valor’s mission. Delaware, Missouri,
and Nevada are the next stops for the brand, which will continue its growth across the country
with their healing products, be sure to catch them wherever you can!

This article is written in honor of Marine and friend Shane Harris, who lost his life in service to
the United States. He was a wonderful human who’s impression is never forgotten.

Written by: Emily K.,
Head of Care Center

At 27 Emily is already a cannabis industry veteran. This hardcore cannabis enthusiast and aficionado is looking to break the negative stigma attached to the industry & show that it is full of compassionate people that are working hard to improve others’ quality of life. Emily is also known as the “Queen of Blunts” by her friends and loves pet weasels.

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