Veterans Day

Veterans specific CANNABASED 1:1:1:1

In honor of Veterans Day this year, team Breeze has partnered with Cannabased, a Trucenta brand, to put out a specialty product for veterans. Not only has the use been designed for those warriors dealing with PTSD, TBI, or other hardships, but also a portion of the proceeds from this item will be sent directly to Blue Star Service Dogs. 


Our goal with the Cannabased 11/11 product is to help veterans ease into the use of cannabis for these disorders, while exploring how it can increase their overall wellbeing. The thoughtful formulation includes a 1:1:1:1 ratio of THC:CBD:CBG:THCa at 2.5mg a piece. This microdose of the cannabinoids is to ensure users do not exacerbate their symptoms, but rather use the cannabinoids supportively to help take the edge off and help to balance our “emotional homeostasis”. 

To Learn more on our Cannabased 1:1:1:1 formula, check out our blog by CLICKING HERE



Blue star service dogs

This Veterans Day we are working with the Blue Star Service Dogs foundation. A portion of sales will be donated to the foundation!
Blue Star Service Dogs was founded in 2010. Family, Friends and Supporters worked hard to build and continue the mission to today. The organization focuses on rescue dogs form shelters and rescues to train them and become service dogs for veterans who experience PTSD or TBI.

Many Veterans continue with invisible wounds after discharge. By pairing the Veterans with a service dog that has proper training, the organization can support them with their “challenge to come all the way home”

“Today, there are innovative and creative treatments for these men and women veterans. Service Dog studies are showing the benefits to individuals with PTSD reducing depression symptoms by 82%. This ripple effect creates decreased needs for medication, increased community integration, and increased quality of life with a sense of purpose. The ripple effect of a service dog continues to family, friends, employers, and community of each recipient.”


Selected from different shelters and rescues, our dogs are tested for behavior and characteristics a dog must have to start training to be a service dog.

“From shelter to prison, our dogs will transition to their new environment and start their daily training overseen by the trainers at Blue Star Service Dogs. Located in Thumb Correctional Facility in Lapeer, Michigan or in Saginaw Correctional facility’s Veteran block in Freeland Michigan, a dog may be housed for 4-6 months, with their inmate handlers. These dogs learn basic obedience, command training, and pre-task training and basic tasks such as turning off and on lights, picking up objects, and opening doors.

Once paired with a veteran the dog will go home with them and start weekly training at the Training Center in Pinckney Michigan. In those sessions the veteran and dog team learn trust, commands, routines, and complete that emotional bond. 

Training will include several levels of testing including Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Community, Canine Good Citizen Urban”

Check out there website HERE for more information on the organization and how you can help donate!



Valor Craft Cannabis is a combat-disabled, veteran-owned company focused on removing the stigma associated with cannabis. 

Valor Craft was formed by military veterans with extensive experience in the cannabis industry and a strong belief in the positive benefits its products can have for patients.

Learn more from our previous blog where we spoke with owner, Marine Corps veteran, James Brobyn, – CLICK HERE



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