*Michigan’s  deadline to request a mail in ballot is coming up on Monday, October 30th!

There’s still time to vote by mail and avoid the lines at your polling place!

If you are a cannabis consumer, then it’s important to be an active and informed voter.

To learn more about how you can vote by mail, vote early, or vote on Election Day—visit HeadCount’s Make Your Vote Count hub for Michigan.

The 2020 Election offers a great opportunity for the cannabis community to make its voice heard in Michigan! Check out our friends at HeadCount’s Cannabis Voter Project for more information about how your vote can make a difference.

Michigan Deadline to Request a Mail in Ballot








Who is the Cannabis Voter Project?

HeadCount’s Cannabis Voter Project is a nonprofit, nonpartisan campaign to register, inform, and mobilize voters in the cannabis community.

*October 19th is the deadline for online voter registration. There is no deadline to register to vote in the State of Michigan. Michigan now allows Same Day registration. Voters are encouraged to get registered ahead of time. Michigan does offer registration on Election Day at designated locations in each town. It is not available at your polling place.