The Top 7 Wedding Cake Strains Near Me: Metro Detroit Edition

With the strain Wedding Cake – you truly can ‘have your cake and eat it too’. As the strain not only offers potent THC levels but is chock-full of pungent terpenes for double the pleasure. 

Of course, finding Wedding Cake strains for sale near me isn’t always a ‘piece of cake’. What helps is knowing that the renowned (and award winning!) strain has not one, but two, other names it goes by. 

Now that we’re through with our cake puns – let’s get to the good stuff. Keep reading for our ultimate guide to Wedding Cake genetics, its other aliases, the hybrids you’ve got to get a slice of (sorry, not sorry), and where you can find the strain in a local dispo near you. 

Meet the Gene: Wedding Cake 

First and foremost – just like the actual decadent dessert, not every Wedding Cake strain is the same. It’s one of the most elusive strains on the market today, with a variety of phenotypes being cultivated coast-to-coast. 

One is said to come from a bakery-worthy lineage, of Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie. This variety is sometimes called ‘Birthday Cake’. Another goes by Triangle Mints #23 which is a cross of Triangle Kush x Animal Mints and often goes by ‘Pink Cookies’ – especially to our neighbors to the north (AKA Canadians). 

That means, Wedding Cake buds can differ from cultivator to cultivator, but luckily – they all still share a few similar qualities. To get more familiar with what to expect, here’s a breakdown of the Wedding Cake strain weed’s most loved traits – 

  • Aroma and taste – With a name like Wedding Cake, you know it’s got to smell and taste good. Don’t worry, the strain delivers on its namesake and offers a fresh vanilla aroma that has hints of spice and earthiness. The taste is reminiscent of pastries with a sweet and tangy kick – most similar to sourbread dough. 
  • Effects – Like we mentioned, Wedding Cake is notorious for high levels of THC, at times reaching 27%+. This means it might be a one-hit-and-quit type of strain for beginners, especially considering its indica dominant effects. Wedding Cake bud, even for connoisseurs, is often preferred for evening or nighttime use due to its relaxing and unwinding effects. Be aware, the strain is also recommended for those who suffer from appetite loss – AKA it’s also likely to cause the munchies! 
  • Appearance – One way you may be able to tell the difference between Wedding Cake/Birthday Cake and Wedding Cake/Triangle Mints #23 – is their appearance. The GSC x Cherry Pie hybrid tends to be a lighter green with golden hues, as the other often has hints of purps.

But Wedding Cake doesn’t just stop with two varieties – it brings the whole dessert table! Since being named Leafly’s 2019 strain of the year, more and more Wedding Cake hybrids have shown up on the scene. If you’re into sweet and fruity strains that make you feel as good as they taste – it’s time to get more familiar with Wedding Cake strains near you in Metro Detroit.

The Top 7 Wedding Cake Strains For Sale Near Me 

So, what’s the icing (or cherry) on top of the Wedding Cake genetic? The strain’s expansive collection of hybrids and phenotypes means there’s a wide variety of top-shelf and budget-friendly cannabis products you can try. Here’s a menu of the most popular Wedding Cake vapes, flower, and more. 

Wedding Cake 

Now that you know all about Wedding Cake, you’ll be pleased to find out that Michigan cultivators take their cake game seriously. From Aunt Sparkie’s organic flower, High Times Black Label pre-rolls,  Element’s own live resin to dab, and beyond – Breeze always has the shelves stocked with premium Wedding Cake strain weed for you to treat yo’self to! 

Ice Cream Cake 

The cross of Wedding Cake x Gelato #33 gives us Ice Cream Cake, another trending strain on the Metro Detroit cannabis scene. This indica dominant hybrid is even more sedating than the original. That means you won’t have to feel guilty about enjoying a little Ice Cream Cake before bed – in fact, it may just help you sleep more soundly. Try Aunt Sparkie’s organic flower, or the brand’s pre-rolls for extra convenience.

Wedding Crasher 

What’s one rule for being an IRL Wedding Crasher? Always be the life of the party – and Wedding Crasher weed follows the rules. This cross of Wedding Cake x Purple Punch may be an indica dominant hybrid but with potent levels of THC it’s a hit for any sesh. The Purple Punch lineage adds a sweet, berry flavor to the already creamy vanilla notes, along with a kick of diesel. Try it for yourself with Gans flower, or dab it up with Dazed’s Live Resin

Grape Cream Cake 

How can we put this…if you have the opportunity to get a slice of Grape Cream Cake. Go for it. It’s by far one of the most flavorful, rich, and creamy Wedding Cake genetic hybrids on the shelves today, with equally pleasurable effects. 

Motor Cake 

What you might think is a nod to the Motor City is actually a combination of Motor Breath x Birthday Cake. The hybrid not surprisingly has all of Birthday Cake’s sweet vanilla taste, with a gassy, diesel twist from Motor Breath. With nearly equal 50/50 indica to sativa effects, the Motor Cake strain is ideal for day or night, and you can experience it at its peak freshness with Element’s top-shelf Live Resin at Breeze. 

Rainbow Cake 

Like rainbows themselves, the Rainbow Cake strain is a rarity. The cross of Wedding Cake x Rainbow Belts is another nearly equal indica to sativa hybrid whose flower has a more purple hue than most. The flavor is what you can expect from Wedding Cake with an invigorating citrus twist. Taste the rainbow with ultimate purity and potency with Social Vapes’ Rainbow Cake cart that also contains 10% CBD for additional therapeutic benefits. 

Papaya Cake 

Finally, the last fruity twist on Wedding Cake genetics comes to us as Papaya Cake. As a triple cross of Papaya x Wedding Cake x White OG it’s one of the most indica dominant (80/20) hybrids on our list. In this variety, the bakery like sweetness of Wedding Cake gets a zesty twist from sour lemon and tropical papaya flavors. Try a low-temp dab to experience all the unique notes the Papaya Cake strain has to offer, with Deeper Roots’ live resin

Wedding Cake Strains Near Me – Find them now! 

If you’re searching for Wedding Cake strains near me in Metro Detroit or other popular strains, Breeze has the straight fire. From Wedding Cake vape cartridges to Wedding Cake wax, flower, and pre-rolls, it’s key to choose a cannabis retailer that offers variety, top-shelf or budget-friendly products, and exemplary service. 

With online ordering and order pick-up, it’s never been more of a breeze to get the cannabis you need to fuel your wellness routines. Shop these ‘Wedding Cake strains for sale near me’ and more on our website now. Or, stop in our Hazel Park storefront for an in-person experience with our friendly cannabis specialists. 

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