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Minimum Delivery Order to Clawson, MI is currently $20, No delivery fee. Cash only. Online ordering for delivery in Clawson, MI opens at 7AM!

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Cannabis Delivery in Clawson, MI

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Minimum Delivery Order to Clawson, MI is currently $20 with No Delivery Fee. Cash Only. Online ordering for delivery in Clawson, MI opens at 7AM!

Recreational Cannabis Delivery in Clawson, MI

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Clawson is part of the greater Detroit metro area and is in Oakland County. The area was originally home to the historic Potowatomi people, who were indigenous in the Detroit area. Clawson was incorporated as a city in 1940.

It is home to approximately 11,300 residents and is described as a “Little city with a big heart.” At just over 2 square miles, Clawson is considered one of the smallest communities in Southeastern Michigan. It is a walkable street and features sprawling bike paths to take you through the city. Our city park is an outdoor highlight and features multiple picnic spots, exercise paths, and other recreational activity spaces.

The Blair Memorial Library and Historical Museum are our two biggest attractions and have plenty of information about the city. You can also partake in window shopping down our quaint storefront rows or experience some outdoor activity with our concert-in-the-park features, Clawson Farmer’s Market, and more. We are also known for one of the best 4th of July displays in the state!

The small town area makes cannabis delivery quick and simple. We can drop off your custom order to wherever you designate with $0 in delivery fees. If you want to make the most of your time visiting Clawson, sign up for our convenient recreational cannabis delivery service. Browse through our selection and place your order today!

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